You are in the current BP disaster ROV number 248, number 247 is here.

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For a description of the mothership/ROV liveblogging process, check out this thread.

Must read: Lax Oversight Seen in Failure of Oil Rig's Last Line of Defense.  Watch video and interactive graphic page, too.   Best overview of how the BOP works, and doesn't work, and the management interference that caused the accident.

Deepwater Horizon BP Oil Spill Reference Material  - from Whitis is the best source for everything.. The quantitative data diary has also been moved there.

Kairos brought us a motherload of technical data which includes a 19 mb 48 page BP Accident Investigation Overview and 12 mb 147 page Confidential TransOcean Assurance Analysis of the BOP with detailed control diagrams starting at page 56.

Jeff Masters of Weather Underground posted his take on the effects of a hurricane passing through the Gulf and making landfall.

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BP put up a video explaining the LMRP procedure and the future plans.

Go to the Deepwater Horizon Data Summary for a wealth of actual data from the Department of Energy.

This is what BP DOES NOT WANT YOU TO SEE.  The following images are guaranteed to make you SICK AT HEART.
These images are not for the faint of heart - DO NOT VIEW THEM LIGHTLY.

Really, I mean it. Hold somebody's hand. Grab a tissue.

A brief reference guide to nicknames you may see in the ROV diaries:

  • Gertrude, aka Gerty:  the oil volcano
  • Lizzy:  the diamond saw cutter
  • Clampy:  the cute ROV
  • Crunchy:  30 ft shear. bit the pipe, now a movie star
  • Wanda: the dispersant sprayer
  • laundry basket:  yellow thing that brings things up and down
  • Thingy: those things, you know, those things
  • Shiny Thing: those really neat things
  • Ms. Blanche Flo, aka Blanche, aka Flo: the manifold thingy

Thanks to dov12348 for publishing a diary on Oil Terminology.

Technical Info
Here is a tutorial on the sources of well pressure.
H/T to Pluto for finding this:
Here is a much better well casing configuration diagram (PDF).
Technical look at the BP Spill Investigation (PDF)

The initial approach above will be followed by open hole and drill pipe magnetic ranging. After they get within 5 feet of the blown out well's lower casing they will ream, case and cement the relief well prior to reaming through the blown well's casing. (Photos from The Oil Drum)

Audio, a slide presentation, and a transcript from Kent Wells' 6-28 briefing is available.

Video feeds we are watching

==== ROV Feeds =====
44287/44668 - Ocean Intervention's ROV 1
44838/45135 - Ocean Intervention's ROV 2
46566/54013 - Viking Poseidon's ROV 1
55030/56646 - Viking Poseidon's ROV 2
31499/31500 - Boa Deep C's ROV1
22458/23729 - Boa Deep C's ROV 2
45685/49182 - Skandi Neptune's ROV 1 (Hercules 14)
45683/45684 - Skandi Neptune's ROV 2 (Hercules 6)
47175/21144 - Discoverer Enterprise's ROV 1
21145/21327 - Discoverer Enterprise ROV 2
37235/37270 - Q4000's ROV 1
35523/35624 - Q4000's ROV 2
41434/41436 - Olympic Challenger's ROV 1
40788/40789 - Olympic Challenger's ROV 2
24951/24975 - Discoverer Inspiration's ROV 1
30948/35246 - HOS Achiever's ROV 1
35461/36301 - HOS Achiever's ROV 2

==Possibly outdated or redundant links (from The Oil Drum)==
46245 - BP "Official" #1 (primary)
46260 - BP "Official" #2 (secondary)
46661 - BP mystery feed #1
46663 - BP mystery feed #2

==Restricted to web browser based viewing==
CNN Video Streams Note: multi-view is sometimes unavailable.
PBS (fewer security issues than some others)
BP videos Links to all available live feeds from BP.
WKRG - Mobile/Pensacola (Contains link for an iPhone app at the bottom.)
ABC 7 Chicago Live Video Multiple ROV Camera Views (h/t to temptxan for the great find).

==Multiple stream feeds (hard on browser/bandwidth)==
Bobo's lightweight ROV Multi-feed: A great low impact multi-view page
The best multi-view feed Be patient as load time may take a bit.
Markey's multi-view page
Lusty/papicek/sullivanst multi-feed page (originally created by papicek, small improvement by Lusty, and huge improvement by sullivanst)
Vote For America's awesome clickable multi-view Courtesy of one of our very own Kossacks.
A multi-view Contains feeds from BP, C-SPAN-2, WKRG, and PBS
High-def video feeds
See this thread for more info on using video feeds and on linking to video feeds.

Again, to keep bandwidth down please do not post images or videos.

Links, courtesy of several Kossacks

Jimmy Buffett has a song of which I'm particularly fond - well, I'm fond of all of them, but this one's been stuck in my head for a while now.  One part especially:

Stars on the Water

Beaumont to Biloxi
Sea breeze at your door
Gypsy rains, dang hurricanes
White silver sandy shore
"Blue Light" lounge is shinin'
Way out on the view

As a high school junior, I got the wild hair one winter to run a 10K.  I was madly and secretly in love with a cross country runner from a rival high school and I knew the best way to catch his eye was to do so on the trail.  So, I began training, slowly.  I ran along the newly-built boardwalks on Biloxi beach, and in the wet sand on Front and East in Ocean Springs.  During the winter and early spring, I ran mostly at night, with reflective bands for visibility.  The nights in Mississippi once heat comes are thick and wet.  They make you sweat before you're even through stretching.  And this was just a few years after the boats came to my coast - the neon was there, but memories of pitch-black stretches of Highway 90 were fresh.  

By the time I'd built myself up to a 10K, it was time for the Crescent City Classic, and after work, I would run from the Isle of Capri in East Biloxi to William Carey's campus in Gulfport.  I'd meet said secret love interest back at his job as a pool guy at the Isle of Capri (at the foot of the Ocean Springs bridge) and shower, then drive home.

Every night, I ran with my glasses on, rain or moon-shine, and grew to enjoy those times when my glasses would get smeary from the rain.  The boardwalks were safe and even, moreso, I would find, than the course in New Orleans.  The stars and neon would ripple and gleam on the flat plane of the Sound, looking for all the world like rubies and sapphires floating in the water.  I ran and ran, kicking up sand and sweating in the salty, humid air.  

On winter nights when I wanted a change of pace, I'd park at the end of town and run in the wet sand in Ocean Springs, along the moonlit silver ribbon of coast between the OS bridge and the Front Beach put-in, then up and over the harbor bridge, past Shearwater, and down East Beach to a friend's art studio on Government.  The roads were oak lined and draped in moss, scented with the sweet, musky funk of cordgrass and salt marsh.  The beaches sparkled with flotsam and dead jellyfish, and there were stars on the water and moonbeams on the bay.

All those cold nights - and the hot ones - probably explain my infatuation with deserted beaches.  There is nothing more calming than a frosty winter strand.  Choppy grey waves, slate sky, salty, clammy breezes... the very memory of my runs slow my pulse when I'm frustrated or angry.  I find myself recalling them during the start-of-semester stupid that is Fall term.  During my utterly horrid day today, I pondered my late-night runs and reveled in the memories, finding in them the strength to avoid returning the rudeness I'm dealt.


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Information on our community can be found in Phil S 33's diary here. That diary having timed out, bigjacbigjacbigjac next took up the cause and posted a new bio diary here. The latest bio diary was posted by Ursoklevar on 7-25 and includes the bio's from the previous diaries in alphabetical order by user name.

If you'd like, feel free to join in by sharing a little about yourself there.

Previous motherships and ROV's from this extensive live blog effort may be found here.

in the dark time we held vigil,
we held vigil against the night,
we raged against the storm,
we moved with the force of nature
to right a great wrong,
to howl like the wind,
to hold the line,
to renew an ancient vow,
a sacred purpose,
to recall to life the human spirit,
to safeguard that which is most holy to us,
to forge and reforge,
this, above all, to be true,
to awaken our greater nature,
to commune from the deepest regions of our soul,
to heal this realm, to heal our people,
to guard all life, to guard life,
for this generation,
and all to come,

this is why we hold vigil ~  

~ ArthurPoet ~

  We Are Here
  We are here.
  We are watching.
  Years from now,
  if anyone asks,
  we will tell them:
  We were there.
  Maybe it will not matter.
  Maybe nothing matters.
  But if we throw up our hands now,
  maybe someday,
  years from now,
  we will ask ourselves,
  why did we not at least keep watch,
  why did we not?
  Maybe someday, some of us
  will talk with someone younger,
  and tell of the time we watched.
  Maybe that someone younger
  will try harder next time,
  will do more next time,
  the time we watched.
  -- bigjacbigjacbigjac

We're all stunned and horrified by this disaster. Huddling with good people to calculate the damage and monitor progress, have a laugh when we can, share the sorrow we feel, and learn a lot in the process... That's what I'm really here for.
This is how I best cope. And if it turns out to be a useful thing to others, then that's great.

This is where you want to be for discussion, worrying, tearing up, and caring for each other.  It's also where you're welcome to be angry and scream and curse and cry and rant at the criminal negligence and greed that have brought us all together.  Most importantly, though, it's where we can learn from those kossaks among us (I'll not name names for abject fear of leaving one of you out, but you know who you are.) who bring the light of knowledge - sometimes with heat, sometimes without it - and teach us about what's happening beneath our Gulf of Mexico.  On a personal note, I'll ask you to please be kind to each other in our little boats.  There's enough hurt going on outside without bringing it here. - khowell

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