This should surprise exactly no one:

Conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly took aim at "unmarried women" at a recent fundraiser and in an interview with TPM, saying that they overwhelmingly support President Obama and are all on welfare. Democrats aim to exploit the comments to pressure the more than 60 Republican candidates who have earned Schlafly's endorsement.

"Unmarried women, 70% of unmarried women, voted for Obama, and this is because when you kick your husband out, you've got to have big brother government to be your provider," said Schlafly, president of Eagle Forum and infamous for her opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment.

Phyllis Schlafly bashing women is nothing new. After all, the woman made a career out of saying women shouldn't have careers. Or equal rights.

But now that Republicans have decided to embrace feminism, you'd think they'd be quick to denounce Schlafly for her anti-woman remarks. Which is exactly what Democrats are asking them to do:

Democrats plan to jump on the 75 Republican candidates for federal office that Schlafly's Eagle Forum has endorsed and donated to -- a list that includes Todd Tiahrt in the Kansas Republican primary for Senate, Ken Buck in the Colorado Republican primary for Senate, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) and his Senate Conservatives Fund and Sen. David Vitter...

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is doing the same thing to Eagle Forum-endorsed House candidates, painting Republicans on dozens of ballots -- including Rep. Michele Bachmann and Scott Rigell in the competitive VA-02 race -- as "extreme" and saying the candidate should refuse Schlafly's endorsement.

But so far, the only condemnation came from congressional candidate Andrew (Rocky) Raczkowski, at whose fundraiser Schlafly was speaking when she made the remarks.

Raczkowski said he was taken aback by the comments, but noted that they didn't reflect his beliefs.

"I will fight vehemently for her to have her beliefs. That's what makes this country so great," he said. "I believe in equality for everyone. I'm color-blind and gender blind."

Here's a perfect opportunity for the conservative "feminists," including Sharron Angle and Michele Bachmann, both endorsed by the Eagle Forum, to prove their pro-woman street cred. After all, if they're going to take up the mantle of the feminist movement, they're going to need the support of unmarried women, aren't they?  

And certainly, any minute now, the winking, lipsticked Queen of Mama Grizzly Pit Bulls, Ms. I-Can-Be-A-Feminist-Also-Too-Also Sarah Palin, should be Twittering and Facebooking her refudiation of such obviously anti-woman remarks.

Any minute now...

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