"All My Relations"

Two hundred people signed the diamond patches in this star at NN08 in Austin, TX.  Yes, two hundred people focused good intent on the welfare and well-being of our indigenous people in signing this quilt – and then four more were added by mail – Dengre, Meteor Blades, Winter Rabbit, and Ojibwa.  I poured my heart into making this quilt – and it could be yours.

Yet, so far we have only 86 donations of $10 or more to INDN’s List, a great organization that supports Native Americans who are running for public office, in a drawing to win the quilt – and one essay. DONATE HERE THROUGH ACT BLUE - THANK YOU

$1465 has been raised so far – but we are looking for a total of $10,000 by August 15. DONATE HERE THROUGH ACT BLUE - THANK YOU


Here is how it works.  Donate $10 or more to INDN’s List and you will receive a chance in the drawing – in fact, you will receive a chance for every day you donate $10 or more between now and August 15.  If you cannot donate, you may enter by writing an essay of 50 words or less on this subject: "INDN's List's Mission -- Why it Benefits Everybody".  Put the title in the subject line and email your essay on or before August 15, 2010 to communityquilts (at) yahoo (dot) com.  If we find your essay to be topical, we will enter you for one chance in the drawing – one essay per person per day.


The drawing will take place the last day in August.


It’s a great cause.  This is coming at a very good time for INDN's List -- and the whole organization is so grateful to this community for the help we are providing.  It is also a very special prize, one that represents our whole community, working together.  Please give if you can.


All my relations!


Quilt stats: 65" x 67", cotton fabric, cotton batting, pieced by machine and quilted by hand, embellished with Czech beads, Austrian crystals and a coin of rutilated quartz.  It took months to make.

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