Atrios writes:
One great idea which is floating around out there is the need to create permanent spaces for lefty types to congregate - both for general merriment and constructive activities. An example of this is The Tank, which is a nice space in NYC where us lefty bloggers were given a home during the RNC. Cosmopolity is losing the space, sadly, though hopefully they'll find a replacement. And, they're pushing to make the concept national -- to create similar spaces around the country.
NYC's The Tank is a great place, and having this concept go nationwide would be phenomenal. Not just in places like NYC, Chicago, and SF (all of which could use this sort of operation), but also places like Oklahoma City, Dallas, and other cities deep in Red Territory.

The Tank is currently seeking funding to buy their own building, retrofitted for the trappings of modern activism -- conference/meeting rooms, multimedia operation, wi-fi, and libations (coffee and beer). When all's said and done, this isn't your father's hippy operation. The local union hall or church basement won't cut it anymore.

Once the Tank has its new home, the people behind it want to go national. The business plan is in place. The question is whether the big dollars will buy into the concept. Here's hoping they do.

Update: Atrios had a sort of typo in this quoted section -- it is the Tank that is looking for new space. Cosmopolity is a seperate entity, and the one that is trying to take the concept of the Tank nationwide.

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