As you all know, Fox News parent News Corps donated $1 million to the republican governors association back in June...one of the largest donations in history by a media organization.  

Not only does this put a cloud on their slogan "fair and balanced" when covering the upcoming gubernatorial elections, it is made worse by the fact that, to date, Fox News has YET to cover the controversy.  Even though every other major media outlet has.

It is no secret that Fox News spends a lot time scrubbing thier own Wikipedia articles, but several editors have managed to get some issues on the page "Fox News Controversies".  

However, here is what is happening on the News Corp. donation scandal:

On the Fox News main page, someone put this inocuous little statement, heavily referenced, under the controversy section:

In June 2010, News Corporation donated $1 million to the Republican Governors Association

Oh HELLS no!  Two FNC scrubbers were on the case and according to the history page had that puppy removed.

Giving up on the Fox News main page, a blurb was added on the "Fox News Controversies" page, which even included the official Fox News and News Corps defense of the donation.  It was removed.  

The discussion page and the history page on the "Fox News Controversies" section is funny.   First the argument was the controversy was "minor", then the argument was it wasn't covered by any other media.  When a wikipedia editor listed EVERY media outlet that covered it, then the argument was it required "consensus" from everybody before it could be in the article...and the latest arguement?  That NEWS CORPS is not really Fox News so it doesn't belong there.  

Yeah...even though the whole controversy is around FN bias, and how they fail to even address the issue, and the fact that they won't allow ANY Dem governor to come on their show and discuss the matter, etc.

Right now, the scandal is scrubbed on Wikipedia.  

Update:  There are several discussions still ongoing at the talk page of Fox News Controversies on WP.  If you are a wikipedia editor on either the LEFT or RIGHT, you are invited to join the discussion.  I have no doubt that Fox News Corporation will send people to join tomorrow morning.  The purpose of this diary was not to "flood" the opposition--as correctly noted, it is not "majority rule".  But to invite people to a debate that some with an agenda were hoping would just be swept under the rug.

Wikipedia only works if there is open and honest debate and discussion from several people.  Ironically, the very people trying to suppress this aren't doing Fox News any favors--the omission is a glaring example of bias.  All they are doing is hurting Wikipedia as an unbiased source for information.    

Originally posted to Ismay on Sat Aug 21, 2010 at 08:14 PM PDT.


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