When it was revealed that Pat Toomey accepted money from a porn site owner for his run for US Senator from Pennsylvania, the Keystone Progress Action Fund decided to create a spoof Facebook page called "Porn for Toomey."  The Facebook page included a photo of a "pornster" named "Randy Bizness" who served as the host of the page.

The Facebook site was clearly marked as a "spoof" site, and was attributed to the Keystone Progress Action Fund as the source of the content.  The site included links to a "Porn for Toomey" website
http://www.pornfortoomey.com, and to a Twitter account, http://www.twitter.com/...


The Facebook page was established on Tuesday morning, but disappeared sometime Wednesday afternoon.  KPAF has emailed Facebook to try to find out why they killed the site, but has not yet gotten a response.

KPEF has vowed to keep up its website http://www.pornfortoomey.com and has now set up an ActBlue page fundraising page http://www.actblue.com/... .  The money raised on this page will go to fund TV ads highlighting how Toomey is "screwing working families."

Originally posted to Michael Morrill on Wed Aug 25, 2010 at 07:12 PM PDT.

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