In 2010, there are 37 Governor seats being contested, 18 GOP-held and 19 Democrat-held. According to Cook Report, 23 of the races are competitive. With the upcoming redistricting due to the 2010 census, it is vitally important that the Democrats control as many of the Governor's seats as possible. While we will be playing a lot of defense this midterm season, we do have a great chance to pick-up some GOP-held Governor's seats. Below is a breakdown of the competitive GOP-held seats along with links to volunteer for GOTV and/or donate:

California - Jerry Brown (D) vs. Meg Whitman (R)

Current Polling (minus Rasmussen):
Brown - 42.5%
Whitman - 42.2%

Jerry Brown's introduction video:

Connecticut - Dan Malloy (D) vs. Tom Foley (R)

Current Polling (minus Rasmussen):
Malloy - 45.4%
Foley - 32.1%

Florida - Alex Sink (D) vs. Rick Scott (R)

Current Polling (minus Rasmussen):
Sink - 33.9%
Scott - 29.4%

Sink's great ad on the BP Oil Spill:

Georgia - Roy Barnes (D) vs. Nathan Deal (R)

Current Polling (minus Rasmussen):
Deal - 45%
Barnes - 41%

Barnes' latest ad:

Minnesota - Mark Dayton (D) vs. Tom Emmer (R) vs. Tom Horner(I)

Current Polling (minus Rasmussen):
Dayton - 42.5%
Emmer - 31.4%
Horner - 13.1%

Dayton's ad emphasizing his plan to raise taxes on the richest Minnesotans:

Nevada - Rory Reid (D) vs. Brian Sandoval (R)

Current Polling (minus Rasmussen):
Sandoval - 51.2%
Reid - 35.5%

Rory Reid has been attacking Sandoval on his education plan:

Rhode Island - Frank Caprio (D) vs. John Robitaille (R) vs. Lincoln Chafee (I)

Current Polling:
Caprio - 36.9%
Chafee - 33.7%
Robitaille - 20.9%

Caprio's jobs ad:

Texas - Bill White (D) vs. Rick Perry (R)

Current Polling (minus Rasmussen):
Perry - 43.4%
White - 39.9%

Great introductory ad from Bill White:

Note: Hawaii and Vermont have not finalized the Democratic candidate yet.

National links for GOTV:
Organizing for America
Democratic Governors' Association
Link to Local State Parties

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