No one on this site could be more disappointed than me in
the lack of progress we as democrats have made since we
have had the house, senate and the WH.  Yes I am disappointed in the bending over backwards for the minority but the strategy of the GOP was just do nothing and we can make them lose.
Do you really think not getting involved in the election
will teach anyone anything?
Do you really want someone who thinks they can see Russia
from their house pulling strings?  
Do you really want Lonesome Rhodes Beck saying "We showed the spineless democrats they were unable to lead?
No.  Deep down you do not want to fall further down the rabbit hole Alice.

Get your butt in gear and try to keep the majority.
Have you forgotten how the minority dems were locked out of the capitol meetings from the republicans?  Have you forgotten how they turned this country upside down and this was the half way sensible bunch, not the tea party fringe.  I am tired of the whining and bitching and folks saying they are staying home when a country worst than we have that could not have possibly been cleaned up from the last 8 years in just 18 months from any human being on earth.  
No. Pelosi and Obama did not strike when the iron was hot.
Maybe there are things we don't know.  Maybe there are puppetmasters with threats or maybe not but I am sure of one thing, staying home and letting racists, inbred, hateful, stupid stupid people take  over our country is not the answer.  Wall to Wall Fox day in and day out.
You think things are bad now?  Just wait !!!!  You ain't seen nothing yet.
If we do not try and make this country better from keeping people like  wishy washy Lieberman and  Tan the Man Boner from gaining power then we deserve what we get.
I want this to make you mad.  I want this to shake up your braincells because at least the opposition can hang together without whining and complaining about the change
was too small.  This was one hell of a big boat to turn around.  It wasn't the SS Minnow.  It was the freaking Titanic and if we let the opposition win com November then the black man gets blames.  How many years do you think it will take for another minority to gain power?

If we go down, it will not be Obama's fault.  It won't be Palin's fault, It won't be Rush's fault.  It will be our fault.  I am as guilty as the next for my little bitch session but no more.  I don't want the kind of change that brought us The Grapes of Wrath.  I don't want the kind of change that sends the Military Industrial Complex into  a new dimension.  I don't want to have to look further than the Twlight Zone to call home.
Go ahead, cut off your nose to spite your face and see if you can stand to look in the mirror,  As far as me, I plan on taking my quest just as serious if not more  in 08 so in keeping the dems in some sort of power.  We will not have a country left if we don't look at things in this light.
Flame away.  It will be all our water with more arsenic, bigger corporation power, less income, more  tax breaks for the wealthy, less education, more war and less sense and maybe another attack from Quoran burning fanatics.  Go ahead and stick to your principles.  They may be all you can cling to for a little while, before you cry your eyes  out.

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