I'm thrilled to see deaniac83's diary celebrating Barbara Boxer's fierce ad against Carly Fiorina on the Rec List.  But hey, we on the Gubernatorial side of the ticket against the heartless CEO's also have something to celebrate!  Jerry Brown's "rope-a-dope" is over: he has saved his money and is now able to match Meg Whitman ad for ad for the rest of the campaign.  So let's see what he's doing!

First, you should know that MegaBucks has been running an ad quoting Bill Clinton from the 1992 debates with Brown in which the Big Dog makes some assertions about taxes going up during the Brown Administration that, well, are not precisely true.  In fact, they're precisely untrue.  Her ad quotes the CNN reporter who fact-checked Clinton's claims and said that they were right.  But now, 18 years later, he admits that he blew the call -- yet Whitman keeps on running the ad, because the truth doesn't matter to her!  Take a look!

And if you liked that one, maybe you'll enjoy its fraternal twin!

Then today, Brown decided to do something radical, something far beyond MegaBucks Whitman's capabilities: he's talking straight to the people of California.  Here he is:

Are there things there to disagree with?  Maybe some.  But if you live in California for a while, you learn that you have to let Jerry be Jerry, and you're going to get a lot more good that not out of him.  And as the unions who are supporting him know, there is absolutely no comparison between what Jerry Brown will do for us and what Meg Whitman will do to us if elected.

We're having a Statewide Day of Action for Jerry Brown on October 9 -- watch for more information!

By the way, I volunteer for the Brown campaign, but I don't speak for it here.  My views are my own.

UPDATE:  Oh, you say you want to know where to donate or volunteer?  Check this out!

UPDATE 2: Pam from Calif is on fire in the comments!  Check this out!  And this!  And this!  And this!  And this!  It's a video extravaganza!

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