It always comes in threes: millionaire Linda McMahon in Connecticut  and millionaire Chris Dudley in Oregon are now joined by millionaire John Raese in West Virginia in opposition to the minimum wage.

Except while McMahon and Dudley are doing their damnedest to back away from their opposition, knowing how unpopular it is, Raese is embracing it.

That's an unpopular position that Raese's campaign did not back away from Tuesday. He argues that the market can fairly determine wages.

"John does not support the minimum wage - and the jobless rate in this country is a perfect example of why," said campaign manager Jim Dornan. "He's for a fair wage, and a fair wage is determined by the market."

This coming from the guy who thinks everyone should get rich the way he did it, by inheriting wealth; who wants to go back to the days before child labor laws; and who is actually buying supporters. Oh, and yeah, the guy with the peach-colored marble-tiled driveway. (Previous reporting said the marble is pink, Raese wants everyone to know "the drive is peach-colored tile." My apologies.)

Another millionaire who doesn't care how the other half 98% lives.
(H/T Silverleaf)

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