This is good.  Changing the narrative, one diary, one comment at a time. It's what we can do at Dkos and in our lives.  The Dems are coming back.


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Michael McAuliffe (State Attorney, Florida 15th Judicial Circuit): Take it from prosecutors who know - Rick Scott just can't be trusted.

William Cervone (REPUBLICAN State Attorney, Florida 8th Judicial Circuit): Scott claims he didn't know the company he led was systematically defrauding Medicare.

Paul Southwick (Sergeant, Tampa Police Department): Ripping off seniors and taxpayers.

McCauliffe: But when he was questioned under oath, Rick Scott pled the Fifth seventy-five times.

Robert Crowder (REPUBLICAN Sheriff of Martin County): That means Scott refused to answer questions to avoid incriminating himself.

Cervone: Seventy-five times, Rick Scott refused to answer.

McCauliffe: Rick Scott couldn't be trusted as a CEO. And Florida can't trust Rick Scott as governor.

The Page: Mark Halperin, Transcript of Ad

Rick Scott took the fifth 75 times!  

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You may not remember Rick Scott:

Numerous New York Times stories, beginning in 1996, began scrutinizing Columbia/HCA's business and Medicare billing practices. These culminated in the company being raided by Federal agents searching for documents.[13] Among the crimes uncovered were doctors being offered financial incentives to bring in patients, falsifying diagnostic codes to increase reimbursements from Medicare and other government programs, and billing the government for unnecessary lab tests.[14] Scott was never charged with any wrongdoing. In 1999, Columbia/HCA changed its name back to HCA, Inc.

In 2001, HCA reached a plea agreement with the U.S. government that avoided criminal charges against the company and included $95 million in fines.[4] In late 2002, HCA agreed to pay the U.S. government $631 million, plus interest, and pay $17.5 million to state Medicaid agencies, in addition to $250 million paid up to that point to resolve outstanding Medicare expense claims.[15] In all, civil law suits cost HCA more than $1.7 billion to settle, including more than $500 million paid in 2003 to two whistleblowers.[4] HCA wound up paying fines and settlements totaling $1.7 billion.


Florida Governor is well within reach.  California looks more and more like Brown will take it.  New York is Cuomo.  And Texas Governor is in play.  Governors will matter for redistricting, for the 2012 election (remember Jeb Bush in 2000), and for the people of those states.

That's good news.

To paraphrase Mark Twain, "Reports of the death of the Democratic Party are premature."

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