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Ah yes, "one line diaries are not allowed".  I've been plenty verbose in almost all of my other diaries; can't I have some credit for a high average length?  Or an exemption for my ultra-low UID?  Feh.  This diary was hilarious and perfect just as I intended it, above.

Oh well, hmmm...::drumming fingers on desk::...hey I know, let's see what Robert Schlesinger has to say about the O'Donnell spot:

Just for the opening line alone this spot takes its place in political ad pantheon. As O'Donnell frenemy Bill Maher told CNN's John King, "I think when you have to start your campaign ad with, 'I'm not a witch,' the battle has been lost."
"I'm you"? Not, "I'm just like you," but, "I'm you"? A friend of mine suggested that the ad has a Stepford quality to it, but that's not quite right. Stepford implies a submissive quality happily lacking in a major party political nominee. Rather the whole piece, with it's bookend pronouncements that the pol doesn't merely identify with the viewer but is them, has a note of saccharine menace to it. The comparison that popped into my head was the character Diana, the smiling alien overlord from the mediocre revival of the television show V.

Yup.  Which was about space aliens posing as humans.  Kind of like Smith Comma John.  Ta da!  There ya go: long enough, and I didn't have to veer off topic or paste random text in to do it.  Woo hoo.

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