Hi everyone.  The breaking news in the Alaska Senate Race is so hot that I'm having serious Mudflat withdrawals (access is limited due to heavy traffic) and decided I better just write a diary so comments can come in here for awhile.

#1 New Hays poll has McAdams leading Miller.  

#2 Lisa Messitupski has angered Alaskans with her interference with Alaska's election process and her low-blow campaign tactics that arrive daily in our mailboxes (not to mention that she does not represent the values of many of us.)  

The court fiasco update got lost in the diaries yesterday so here it is again.

Alaska's Supreme Court has issued a STAY (sort of) that's actually more of an UPHOLD, but not exactly of Superior Court Frank Pffifner's ruling yesterday that told Div. of Elections not to use write-in lists at the polls to "assist" voters.  I think it's attorney welfare in the works.  More below the fold.

Anchorage Daily News is spinning this as a reversal of Superior Court Judge Pffifner's decision, but actually new briefs are due at 3PM today.

The actual wording of the Interim STAY and additional boots on the ground commentary are below the fold.  



      1. The trial court’s October 27, 2010 temporary restraining order is STAYED pending further order of this court. However, the list of registered write-in candidates shall be limited to names only, and shall not include party affiliation or any other information.

      2. The Petition for Review , as supplemented, will be considered on an expedited basis. Responses to the Petition for Review, limited to 18 pages in length shall be filed with the Clerk of the Appellate Courts in Anchorage by 3 PM Thursday, October 28, 2010, by hand delivery, email, or facsimile.

      3. In the interim period prior to this court’s ruling on the underlying Petition for Review, all ballots cast by voters provided with the list of registered write-in candidates shall be marked or otherwise identified and segregated. Furthermore, the Division of Elections shall provide the court with any reasons why this process of identification and segregation of such ballots cannot continue throughout the course of the election should the Petition for Review be granted, this notice shall also be filed by 3pm Thursday, October 28, 2010, by hand deliver, email, or facsimile.

   Signed by Clerk of the Appellate Courts–Marilyn May

Any link I post here will soon be out of date--so do your own google searches.  Mudflats is on overload this day and cannot be easily accessed.  If you want to try it's:  http://themudflats.net

Clearly, the Supreme Court has tossed in a few more monkey wrenches into what most folks hailed as a clear and fair ruling by Pffifner.  Lisa Diggingherownholeski isn't looking so hot as she has joined the side of Div. of Elections to appeal the upholding of state law with regard to elections in Alaska.  In the meantime, all write-in votes are to be sequestered.

Thanks again, Kossocks for all your help and support on this Alaska Senate race.  

Scott McAdams is within reach of a win.  A vote for McAdams is a vote for McAdams.

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