Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, still stinging from Obama's public criticism during last year's State of the Union Address, will apparently boycott this year's proceedings.

According to Alito, his reasoning is that he can't sit there like some "potted plant", unable to speak or respond when criticized by the President.  

Unfortunately, he can still vote like one.  More below the fold.

This will be a short rant.  I just wanted to point out the arrogance of a man who believes he is somehow beyond reproach.  Apparently he believes that Obama shouldn't be able to criticize him in front of all his governmental colleagues, even if he was just criticizing the ruling and not Alito himself.

The ruling he was referring to, of course, was the Citizens United case, that disaster of a behemoth of an albatross around democracy's neck that has turned the 2010 midterms into a corporate free for all, and allowed the US Chamber of Corruption to taint an already shaky electoral process.  Far be it from anyone to criticize that.

I wonder if Justice Alito would defend the 1st Amendment free speech rights of the President to say what he thinks about the ruling, in public and to his face?  I guess not.  He likes his own free speech rights though, visibly shaking his head during Obama's comment and mouthing "Not true" for the cameras, one shout away from being Joe Wilson.  What's not true, Alito?  That you screwed us?  That our election system is now a joke, for sale to the highest bidder? That under any circumstances, you could in any way have possibly been WRONG?!!

Yeah, Alito's going to boycott this year's speech.  That'll show Obama. Because being free from elections himself as well as being the beneficiary of a lifetime appointment independent of the President and Congress apparently isn't enough to make him feel secure in his decision.

Now if we could just get him to boycott any future decisions on campaign finance, we'd be all set.

Originally posted to gtnoah on Sat Oct 16, 2010 at 10:35 AM PDT.


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