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This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House, Senate or Governor races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

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(6:00 PM EDT, Saturday, 10/16 to 6:00 PM EDT, Sunday, 10/17):  (36 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from D)

   House (5)

(FL-08) How to Get Out the Vote for Grayson by Cenk Uygur - Cenk gives us an overview of "Turk Out The Vote" based on an interview with Alan Grayson (D). Dan Webster (R-Teabagger) is Grayson's opponent.

(IL-10) Great news, but... by Dan Seals for Congress – The campaign of Dan Seals (D) brings the good news of new endorsements and polling showing continued leads, but also brings the bad news of dwindling campaign funding and asks for help.

(NJ-07) NJ-7:  Support Ed Potosnak NOW! by pkohan - Profile of the race between Ed Potosnak (D) and incumbent Leonard Lance (R).

(VA-07) VA-07: The Saga Continues by not2plato - Eric Cantor (R) is being followed around by a chicken because, for reasons that keep changing, he refuses to debate his opponents. Rick Waugh is the Democrat in this race.

(CA-01) Liveblog: Napa Dem Event w/ Bill Clinton by Ruff Limblog - A liveblog of the event today for Democrat Mike Thompson.

   Senate (7)

(WA-Sen) Watch Senator Patty Murray debate on Sunday night by Kat 4 Obama - Diarist has the debate info you need for tonight's contest between Patty Murray (D) and Dino Rossi (R).

(AK-Sen) Joe Miller, Alaska - Trouble Brewing? by AnnetteK - Joe Miller (R-TeaParty) has drawn the line on discussing his private life. Unfortunately, others - including his own father - aren't paying much attention to that line.

(CO-Sen) Ken Buck (R-CO) Compares Being Gay to "Alcoholism" by James Renruojos - Coverage of Ken Buck (R) and Michael Bennet (D) showdown on Meet the Press this morning.

(CO-Sen) GOP Candidate Ken Buck: Being Gay is Like Being an Alcoholic by Hkingsley - Ken Buck (R) appeared on Meet The Press with his Democratic opponent Michael Bennett (D) this morning and stated that being gay is a choice, like being an alcoholic.

(IL-Sen) Where's The Note? by Alexi Giannoulias - The Democratic candidate in Illinois writes a diary about the online tool Where'stheNote.com that everyone who holds a mortgage can use to demand disclosure from their bank. His opponent is Mark Kirk (R).

(KY-Sen) KY-Sen - Conway Nails Paul as Anti-Bible Idolator by LeftOfYou – Brings readers a look at Jack Conway’s (D) new TV ad against Rand(ian) Paul (R-Tea) which touches on questions of religion and Aqua Buddha, an ad readers can help keep on the air with a small (or large!) donation to turn this seat from Red to Blue.

(Var-Sen) A fight too big to lose by Future Dems - The diarist focuses on five key Senate races and the stark policy choices we have in each. He urges us to support the Democrat in each race.

   Various Races (9)

(IL-Var) BINGO: The Dems Not-So Secret Weapon in Chicago's 33rd Ward by Randall Sherman - An example of how retail politics at the local level can positively impact high-profile elections and help build the Democratic party infrastructure.

(MA-Gov) Back from the Obama/Patrick rally (and I met Axelrod!) by aaraujo - Firsthand account of the Obama/Patrick rally in Boston today. Incumbent Deval Patrick (D) is being challenged by Charlie Baker (R).

(OH-Var) Columbus, Ohio Democratic Rally with President Obama by Ohiodem1 - Diarist reports in from Columbus and a rally for Democratic candidates featuring President Obama.

(SD-Var) SD-ALL: ACTION: GOP Attempting to Suppress Native American Vote by Aji - Interesting diary on the GOP trying to stop the feeds. To find out more look inside.

(WI-Lt.Gov) WI Lt Gov Teaparty Candidate Speaks, Bites Hand by Badjuh - Rebecca Kleefisch (R) accuses the Democratic candidate for Governor, Tom Barrett, of wanting a government takeover of healthcare at the same time she lauds the treatment she received for colon cancer, neglecting to mention that it was government-funded treatment.

(CA-AD72) Can you help a candidate who has been left in the lurch? by Seneca Doane - Help State Assembly candidate Esiquio Uballe (D) lay the groundwork for turning a demographically changing northern Orange County blue. His opponent is incumbent Chris Norby (R).

(CA-AD72) My First Phonebanking Experience, Why Anyone can do it! by libinthenorthoc - Diarist enthuses about phone-banking for Esiquio Uballe (D) for State Assembly. Great description of the experience and how easy it is to gain confidence.

(CA-Gov) CA- Gov  ZAP POW BANG!  Win A Quilt! by GlowNZ - Donate $10 or write a 50-word essay every day.  Each day you do either you get another chance to win a beautiful handmade quilt. The donations benefit Jerry Brown (D) in his race against Meg Whitman (R).

(CA-Gov) Megalodon and Meg Whitman: of Sharks, Stem Cells, and Campaign Spending Limits by diverdonreed – Diarist takes a look at Republican Meg Whitman’s view of government through the lens of underwater diving, federal funding, and Citizens United in her race against Jerry Brown (D).

   Ballot Initiatives (1)
(CA-Prop 19) Peter B Lewis donates $200k to Prop 19 by change the Be - A retired insurance executive has donated big bucks to the campaign to legalize marijuana in California. The diary also includes a lengthy list of law enforcement officials who also support the measure.

   General (14)

32 y.o. first time voting by turmen -  Heartwarming story of the diarist's first vote after becoming a US Citizen. Congratulations, turmen.

$5 million by anthonyLA - Diarist asks the dKos community whether it thinks it can raise $5 million for candidates in 24 hours.

Diluting the American Indian Vote by Ojibwa - Techniques used to make it difficult or prohibitive for Native Americans to vote.

Hard to energize voters who can’t imagine what could have been by madtownpopulist - A lack of voter imagination lets Republican candidates succeed in claiming that the stimulus was a failed waste of money.

TP Avenger Motivates PhoneBoy to GOTV by Wamsutta - A playful video take on getting out the vote.

Enthusiasm in, Gap out! by Blackwaterdog - Photos from President Obama’s contribution to the midterm campaign yesterday.

The Republican carpetbombing continues by Benintn - Coverage of the Republic ad machine in this year’s election.

Candidate Volunteer Page Lists for Dissemination by Georgeo57 - Handy list of links for volunteering for a whole host of races. Check it out!

What's with the early voting? by DemFromCT - A front page diary analyzing early voting trends and what they may or may not mean for the Dems on November 2nd.

Video : President Obama is fired up and campaigning for democrats by glennBama - A host of videos of President Obama out campaigning and firing up the base.  Need a recharge?  Watch the videos.

112th Congress: Fewer women, fewer Blue Dogs by Meteor Blades - MB takes a look at what's most likely come January, when Dems will be missing some Dogs (who won't be missed) and some women (who will be missed).

A Pro-Choice Poem for Election 2010 by tekno2600 – Turns the ongoing debate on the hot-button voting issue of abortion policy into poetry for consideration in discussion.

Denied the Right to Vote - Never Stop Fighting! (videos) by teenvote - Diarist offers videos made by teens on behalf of teens who believe they should have the right to vote in their high school years. Think about what that might do for our electoral makeup!

Robert Gibbs does not get it or... by Shockwave - Admin insider Robert Gibbs on MtP today seemed to be both promising something and backing away at the same time. If we keep the Congress this election, it probably won't be because of Gibbs, but our own GOTV efforts.

Why Did Americans Vote Republicans Out, Don't You Remember? by coonsey - Diarist reminds us of some political reality in recent history, and how that should play in the upcoming elections.

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