Top rec'd and for good reason, is footage of Wisconsin republican senate candidate, Ron Johnson passionately DEFENDING child molesters & pedophiles in the in the name of Catholic lobbyists.
If Ron Johnson is willing to side with a fringe group of lobbyists over the heart wrenching victims of child abuse, rape & pedophilia with strong bi-partisan support, how the hell can anyone expect him to stand up for ANYONE whose not effecting his personal best interests???

A quintessential example of this is new footage released by the Feingold campaign, brilliantly titled, "Johnson Shrugged" Which is a play off of when Feingold completely spanked Johnson on his Ann Rand worship in Wausa's debate a week and a half ago.

This is footage from just two days ago, of an interview Johnson had with the Green Bay Gazette. The journalist is simply trying to find out what his plan is for creating more jobs in Wisconsin. His response is SHOCKINGLY CLUELESS, I MEAN SHOCKING. You have to see it to believe it!

Needless to say,the very next day the Green Bay Gazette gave nothing short of a full on hearty endorsement to Russ Feingold. What's especially note worthy, is that this major northern Wisconsin paper had endorsed Feingold's LAST THREE OPPONENTS.

SO the journalist asks Johnson to explain his jobs plan.  Johnson's response is a tea bagging non sequitur about bringing down the federal deficit. In shock, the journalist asks "but what is your plan for the middle class??"
Johnson's response? Inaudible bumbling followed by, "We've got to get the economy moving."


PLEASE, this race is neck & neck. Just a mere week ago, Feingold was trailing by 7, today he's down by just 1-2 points! Let's help one of our nations best public servants.


Tweet, Facebook this footage. Every WI voter needs to see this before election day.

In full disclosure, I'm a Milwaukee resident whose volunteering for Feingold & scared to death of Ron Johnson replacing him.

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