To explain his position on DADT, during theLeague of Women Voters sponsored debate, Michigan 2nd Congressional republican Bill Huizengaactually said,

"When I was in real estate we had a saying, 'People are green. People are not white, black, brown, or yellow, they are green. Can they afford this or not.'"

 Yes, he actually said that!!?  

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This was actually his explanation for supporting Don't Ask Don't Tell. 

He has to be kidding, right?

I can't recall ever seeing a green person. But I have a lot of different color friends. This is what happens when you try apply value to people based on money or their beliefs.

This really has nothing to do with whether they can serve in the military or not, it's about how much money can "they"  spend keep "those people" in the closet.

Mr. Johnson said he served along side gay people when he was in the military. His view on Don't Ask Don't Tell is that it is "demoralizing".  Or, during his last debate he said flat out, "Don't ask Don't tell is stupid". 

That's exactly what DADT is, it's Stupid and it's DEMORALIZING. It's baffling to actually live in a country where one can go die in a war, but you better damn well not tell anyone you're gay. Go ahead and get shot at but you better keep your ass in the closet, Or, you can spend your day dodging roadside bombs, but if you tell anyone you're gay, out out of here. That is the epitome of stupid.

And don't go blaming Clinton, DADT was his compromise to get the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1994 passed. Congress wanted to force it through with the complete ban of gays in the military language in place, based on 1950's policy, and per Reagan's Defense Directive 1332.14, it was military policy that "homosexuality is incompatible with military service".       

I'm glad Mr Johnson is driving home the point that the right wants to deregulate everything, but social issues.  They keep whining for lower or no taxes and small government, except when it comes to private things such as abortion and gay marriage, then, bring on the regulation!. 

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