Just tuned into CNN and their top story is "Severe Weather Alert".  A meteorologist is showing this vast band of ominous hues of colors indicating potential touchdowns of torandoes and twisters from GA to NC to DC.  Then CNN says major delays to flights across major airports.  CNN has a reporter on the scene in a danger zone talking about the storm threat and to take precautions.  Sounds like a major important news story that should be the focus of national attention.  

The cynic then thought, hmmm, what is Fox 'News' covering.  

Well they are covering the boot to neck stomping incident from the Rand Paul but with new footage.  The tape shows the activist approaching the car and offering the check.  Like the JFK Zapruder film, rewinding and playing in a loop.  The Fox News host is harping on this 'new angle' and examining whether this discredits the actual facts which clearly show an assault was committed and should be prosecuted.    

What more to say.  This could be a great piece for the Daily Show to run to show how Fox news has and always been a propaganda tool and not a sincere news outfit to the American public who should be aware of severe weather storm warnings.

Originally posted to optimusprime on Wed Oct 27, 2010 at 11:22 AM PDT.


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