"[...] A non-white America is a declaration of war on all people who believe an organically grown social order based on language and culture, history and heritage to be the essence of humanity.  [...] Barack Obama hides this declaration of war behind his pushy sunshine smile, [...] It would be a gross irony of history if the first black president drove his clientele of minorities to openly revolt due to his grandiose domestic failure, and the much-touted American dream became a nightmare [...]"

Jürgen Gansel
Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands, NPD
In a statement headed "Africa conquers the White House"
the Telegraph
11 Nov 2008

Note: all translations in this diary are mine and all mistakes made are therefore also mine

This isn't a Godwin diary nor is it a "Fascism is coming to America" diary.  I'm going to coin a new phrase here and call it a Neo-Godwin diary.  I am not talking about 1933, the original National Socialist German Workers Party, nor of hyperbolic warnings of Kristallnacht happening in Small Town, USA.  Rather, this is a look at contemporary rhetoric, who exactly is spouting it, and its uncanny similarities on both sides of the Atlantic.  And since I've resided in Germany since 2004, I bring an outsider perspective of this year's electoral season as I see it from thousands of miles away.  I wish to begin with rhetoric one hears over here, so forgive my indulgence into a quick summary and background.  That quote from the title is from the NPD, so let's start there.

Who is the NPD?

First, a quick overview of political evolution is needed to Understand where the NPD is coming from, then it should be clear who they are.  The Deutsche Rechtspartei (German Right Party) was a German right wing political party that emerged after the Second World War.  Originally intended as a continuation of the German National People's Party, it soon attracted a number of former Nazis and its programme changed towards a more neo-Nazi stance. The Deutsche Reichspartei (German Reich Party, German Imperial Party or German Empire Party) was a nationalist political party in West Germany. It was founded in 1950 from the above German Right Party (Deutsche Rechtspartei).  The party held its final conference in 1964 when it was symbolically dissolved. It was quickly replaced by the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD).

The National Democratic Party of Germany is a pan-German nationalist and white nationalist political party. The party, founded on 28 November 1964, is a successor to the German Reich Party. Udo Voigt has led the party since 1996.

A multi-cultural policy, given the millions of unemployed in Germany, will open the borders and guaranteed social security to millions of unemployed people from other countries , (Germans are then) no more employable. The sovereignty of the deficit of the Federal Republic of Germany owed a-social policy towards the Germans, while the World Social Office function, to an increasing extent is the opposition of the system, the incumbents can not be taught.

Udo Voigt
Parteivorsitzender (Party Leader), Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands, NPD
4 March 2009
Deutsche Stimme  Warning: extreme right-wing rag disguising itself as respectable

Sound vaguely familiar?

Udo Voigt "Work, Family, Homeland"
ARBEIT. FAMILIE. VATERLAND. - Slogan of the contemporary NPD Party Progamme

The German federal intelligence agency, the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, classifies the NPD as a "threat to the constitutional order" because of its platform and philosophy, and it is under their observation.

Austrian ´neo-Nazi´ joins NPD’s executive committee
Austrian Times
8 April 2009

What do they have to do with President Obama and why should we care?

For one, since David Duke is back in the news lately and trying to cash in on Tea Party support, let's not forget his ties:

Voigt has held meetings with various proponents of white nationalism, including American politician David Duke.

Duke, David My Awakening: A Path to Racial Understanding. Free Speech Press. 1st edition, 1998.

Udo Voigt and David Duke

Nevertheless, it's not David Duke who deserves attention.  Rather, it is the rhetoric spewed from the Tea Party and Tea Party candidates that is interesting.  Now that we've established who the NPD is, let's look at of their rhetoric in comparison with samples of Tea Party rhetoric, both candidates and political operators.  These are only a few examples due to length of the diary, really you could fill a book with them.

  1.  National Identity

What is your greatest concern as to the impact of illegal immigration?

We are in a clash of civilizations. I believe that is true. In order for us to be successful in this clash of civilizations, we need to know first of all who it is exactly that we are at war with. I believe we are fighting Islamo-fascism and it’s good to know who you are fighting, what motivates them.  I think the   the thing you need to do in order to be successful in it is to know who you are and what are the aspects of Western civilization that we find appealing enough to hold us all together. I believe we are becoming balkanized. I believe this is not a fault of immigration, it is exacerbated by it. The radical multiculturalism we have witnessed over the past forty years in America, I call it a cult of multiculturalism. It has, I think, been successful in destroying the ties that hold us together as Americans. There are certain ideas and ideals that should hold us together and a common language we should use in order to communicate those ideas and ideals. We are becoming a bilingual nation, which is not good from my standpoint. Individuals who are bilingual are lucky and it is a good thing to be an individual who is bilingual or multilingual. It is not good for a country and we are, as I say, becoming balkanized, we concentrate on all the things that pull us apart as Americans instead of (what) holds us together and this does not help us in this greater issue of clash of civilizations. We’re losing sight of who we are.

Tancredo: Tough Immigration Reform Essential to Maintain U.S. Identity
Council of Foreign Relations
July 24, 2006

National identity means: Germany must remain the land of the Germans and, where this is not the case, have it be so again. In principle, there should be no right to stay for foreigners in Germany.  But only to give a duty to return to their home. We reject all "multicultural" from models of society as inhuman, because, both German and non-German, alienates and uproots the national community order and as people and delivers foreign domination by business, media and politics.  Ethnic alienation is due to immigration, Germany just decided to oppose such the cultural alienation of Americanization and Islamization.  The preservation of our national identity and our right to a secure homeland requires the existence of the German People securing active family and population policy.

-NPD Party Progamme

  1.  Immigrant Crime and Social Safety Net use

Beyond the images, the ad paints a fairly dark portrait of illegal immigration: “Waves of illegal aliens streaming across our border, joining violent gangs, forcing families to live in fear,” the voice-over says. “And what’s Harry Reid doing about it? Voting to give illegal aliens Social Security benefits.”

Several of the ad’s claims are questionable. Studies have found that crime often drops as more immigrants settle in a city. Likewise with the charges leveled at Reid: In addition to Social Security for undocumented immigrants (barely true, according to PolitiFact), the ad claims Reid voted to give them tax breaks (false) and college tuition (not really). The only fully truthful statement seems to be on Reid’s opposition to Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law.

New Sharron Angle Ad Has Same Anti-Illegal Immigration Message
The Washington Independent
25 November, 10

Against the will of the German people, millions of foreigners are smuggled into Germany by big business, government and Unions. By mass naturalizations, German civil rights are eroded and the existence of the German people put into question. ... The multicultural society has failed!  In many cities, forming parallel societies and immigrant ghettos, in which the rest of the German population is a minority in their own country.  Life in these überfremdeten neighborhoods, in which often areas emerged and are increasingly foreign and make claims to power, is for many Germans unbearable. Necessarily, there will be increasingly hostile towards  and between Germans and foreign nationals. Through this development, the inner peace is at risk in the long term. The NPD calls therefore a statutory scheme for recyling foreigners currently living here . This should be the principle of German foreign policy instead of returnees right to stay ... The safety of all Germans in the interior is by ensuring an effective security coordination. These include first Line monitoring and elimination social and ethnic foci, especially in the wake of the "multiculturalisation" in metropolitan areas. The protection of Germany and its citizens against foreign threats, safety and security for all Germans: includes in particular the restoration effective protection of the Germany's external borders against illegal Immigration and the import of foreign crime. Routine border controls be introduced again, the Schengen Agreement terminate unilaterally.

-NPD Party Progamme

It should be remembered the Green Card initiative is just under 10 years old. At that time, thousands of computer-Indians were brought to Germany, and soon afterwards were mostly on the street or stood only as cheap labor in order to could gain a foot.

The plans, and experience shows, that more immigration in our labor market and in our social system prevails,
the more they are a bottomless insolence and mockery German workers and the unemployed. Fewer and fewer Germans have the opportunity, through a retraining or escape training of unemployment can  required economic migration and usually after a short time entering unemployment of the foreign wage slaves No additional socially explosive results.

We are the only party in Germany, vehemently speaks out against the continued mass immigration. Germany is not an immigration country, and it may never will be!


  1.  Education and National Language

Former Representative Tom Tancredo said in his Tea Party convention speech on March 4 that America did not need “a cult of multiculturalism.” He added, “…something really odd happened, mostly because we do not have a civics literacy test before people can vote in this country. People who could not spell the word ‘vote’ or say it in English put a committed socialist ideologue in the White House – his name is Barack Hussein Obama...(Our culture) is based on Judeo-Christian principles, whether people like it or they don’t. That’s who we are. That is who we are. And if you don’t like it, don’t come here. And if you’re here and you don’t like it, go home! Go someplace else!”

Immigrants Under Fire: The Tea Party’s Newest Target
Grand Rapids Institute for Information Technology
April 18, 2010

Separation of Germans and Foreigners

The NPD rejects the common wisdom about German and foreign students, because most foreign children with their poor knowledge of German, lower level of education and the language, and reading ability affect German students... Therefore, the German language, including its dialects and before Primitivierung Anglicization, needs to be protected. German must recover its first rank as a scientific and Business Language. The NPD has called Spelling Reform a failure and advocates a return to good spelling.  The protection of the German language must be given constitutional status.

-NPD Party Progamme

  1. Islam

He is the only Muslim member of Congress. He supports the Council on American-Islamic Relations [and] Hamas and has helped Congress send millions of tax (dollars) to terrorists in Gaza," Phillips wrote in support of Ellison's opponent, Republican Lynne Torgerson.

On Torgerson's campaign website, she repeatedly accuses Ellison of supporting terrorists and wanting to bring sharia – Islamic – law to America.

Judson Phillips
Tea Party official points to Rep. Keith Ellison's worship of Islam as reason to vote against him
Tea Party Nation group
October 26, 2010

The CDU stood for decades as the Party that will represent the interests of the displaced in media attention... But now, the CDU decided to join another, growing clientele: naturalized foreigners - it applies to Christian Democrat to inspire drivel. Here, in two languages on the web pages - German and Turkish - written, there is a Turkish-born politician appointed Minister of Social Affairs. The newly discovered multicultural fetish collides  with the old values of home, tradition and national consciousness.

Trying not to alienate new friends - Migrants and the Central Council of Jews (which can now protest against truthful Representatives of the Federation of displaced employees in the Foundation's "Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation" programme) - the CDU turned more and more away from the displaced and their sorrows. Thus the displaced Erika Steinbach, president within the party more and more marginalized, reviled as a reactionary party, and with exclusion threatened.

The NPD is the only party in Germany, for Germany, and more still larger than the Federal Republic of Germany! For the Silesia and Pomerania Germans, Germany is still home. We are committed clear to peace in Europe, but we also say that it must never be built on unjust laws. But this is with recognition of the Oder-Neisse line as East German Border by CDU traitor happened. A peaceful order in Europe can only exist if all the historical facts are allowed to be discussed in public without the fascism and Auschwitz-lobe silenced. The German expellees not be treated anymore as second-class victims. They deserve the respect they deserve.  Reparations, which are nothing but another departure from international law Contracts, still prevent a real reunion of our country.  (Eds. Note: ok, this part of the pamphlet doesn't have much to do with Tea Party rhetoric, but it's nice to know that a March on the Sudentenland is still on the table)


(R)epeat after me: Islam is a 7th Century Death Cult coughed up by a psychotic pedophile and embraced by defective, tail sprouting, tree swinging, semi-human, bipedal primates with no claim to be treated like human beings or even desirable mammals for that matter.

Muhammad instructs all Muslims to use whatever it takes to murder innocents and die in the process, the more violent the better. Even better than that, use the tools of civilized Man against civilized Man. No matter how tame an adherent to Islam may appear, they are still Muslim and just waiting for allah to provide them with an opportunity.

Mark Williams, the conservative radio talker and chair of the Tea Party Express
Talking Points Memo
May 20, 2010

Integration is genocide

A fundamental political change must terminate the costly and inhumane integration policy and preserve the German people and their prerogatives. Integration is equivalent to genocide. Structural and cultural changes are brought about by outside religious influence. To stop a particular threat to identity and culture of the Germans do not go by Islam as a religion, but from the Islamization.

-NPD Party Progamme


The purpose of this exercise was to illustrate what honest-to-goodness-real-non-godwin Nazis are saying.  I refer to them as Nazis because as the evolution of the NPD shows, the National Socialists never went away, they merely influenced and organized their Party by different names.  If you prefer the term Neoo-nazis, that's fine, which is why I am using the term Neo-Godwin.  As well as look at Tea Party declarations side-by-side with them.  If you took out the references to Germany in the NPD statements and replaced it with America and Americans, you would think that it was said by Beck, Limbaugh, Tancredo, Angle, Palin, etc, not by actual, you know...

Is the Tea Party made up of Nazis?  No, that is hyperbolic and not the point (although to find a few individuals within the party would not surprise me).  No, but it is pretty clear they are Nationalists.  And that is what is dangerous.  They are furthering their cause, however, by the same techniques, if not the exact same, rhetoric as we see here in Europe with the real thing.  Almost word-for-word how scary foreigners will rape your spouse and steal your job while collecting on the social safety net funded by your tax-dollars.

This is why I despise nationalism.  Part of what spurred this diary was with a conversation with a relatively new Kossack that I had to silently walk away from:

Kossack:  I'm an economic nationalist.  I don't really care what our economic system is, as long as the economy is serving the national interest.

Me:  You may want to be careful with that word nationalist.  I don't think you are, at least by the comments you've made here on dKos, and that's a good thing.  And before you wish to define it as economical, keep in ming that one cannot separate the economical from the political.  But I get the gist of where you are coming from and your wish for a strong common welfare

Kossack:  No, I don't want to be careful with that word.  I'm a nationalist, not an individualist.

I am not what is sure about this site appeals to the kossack, really.  I am not sure he even knows what a nationalist actually is.  Someone who slips my mind at the moment said:

A patriot loves his country, a nationalist hates all others

I'll leave you with a final thought, if this diary did not do its job, from someone who says it much better than I


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