A lot of very serious stuff has been written in recent weeks about enthusiasm, and heart-rending field reports, etc. This is not one of those diaries, though. In my case, I'm listing some signs that I might be too fired up.

When my comic-loving buddies discuss Dick Grayson online, it looks like a typo.
Despite the passel of Batgeeks I know, a curious sort of auto-correct takes over in my brain when I see the Grayson surname. I could overlook it once, except this very morning I clicked on a fanvid for that other Grayson and for a moment I just sat there thinking "Dude, what's with the tights?" I could blame it on a poor night's rest, but Bridget Jones could tell you, it's Mentionitis, plain and simple, the compulsive need to say or write the name of someone with whom you are obsessed.

When I refused broccoli last week, the phrase "high negatives" actually flitted across my brain for a moment

Self-explanatory indictment of too much pollspeak, but I think it's fitting that, on Rally to Restore Sanity weekend, I consider the one thing I have in common with George H.W. Bush. We both hate broccoli. That only leaves about 2,000,000 more things to divide us unless Favorite Ice Cream Flavor ends up being one hell of an olive branch. This could happen, but only if we both like spumoni, which, around here at least, is considered somewhat exotic.

I find myself wondering who wrote the script for Real Life and thinking they should have tested it more.

I fantasize applying the GOTV model to other things I wish people would do(like read, or use good grammar) or not do(like say "can't hardly" or "I could care less")

I can't decide if this makes me civic-minded or if I'm trying to dress up being a nag. But I really don't know what I'm going to do when I can't call strangers on the phone anymore.

Finally, as pointed out in comments, I'm so busy trolling for polls, or looking at "Sweet Home Arizona" again, that I neglected to write a fifth reason...Keith Olbermann would never do that. Addiction leads you to some sad places, people. Although my favorite answer to a question like that is when they asked TV writer/junkie Jerry Stahl "What was the worst thing heroin made you do?" and Stahl said "The Maury Povich Show'

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