If you don't mind, I will refer to common knowledge without inserting referential hyperlinks. I'm multitasking, and I am unable to go on an extended Googling expedition.

Here are the facts:

  1. the 9/11 Commission discovered more than 50 direct warnings to the Bush Administration prior to 9/11 of terrorists hijacking planes and using them as guided missiles

  2. this finding was inserted into the Commission's report

  3. the Bush Administration was permitted to censor this report until after the election and after the confirmation of Condoleeza Rice as Secretary of State

  4. the 9/11 Commission was "bipartisan", particularly including Indiana "Democrats" Tim Roemer and Lee Hamilton

  5. reporters at the New York Times and the Washington Post have been aware of the gist of the FAA story since before the election

All of this is factual. All of this is incontrovertible. And all of this is now public knowledge.

I hope every person here has comtemplated the implications of these facts, narrowly and broadly.

During a Presidential election, one where the Republicans were permitted to lie about John Kerry's personal and public history and life, the media refused to tell the American people that George Bush was fully aware of the risks of this kind of attack well before 9/11.

Not only that, several high-profile Democrats were aware of Bush's negligence, including almost assuredly Kerry himself. Kerry couldn't bring it up, for fear of the RWCM's labelling him unpatriotic, and none of the other Democrats felt it worthwhile to fall on the sword on behalf of country, the Party or of Kerry.

(Keep in mind, these guys get paid win or lose. Al From turned "defeat" into a lucrative consulting deal with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, arguably the most Republican organization in America today.)

But, it's not enough to explain this away as cherry-picked DLC commission member whoremongering. It is apparent that truly decent people sat on this story for truly patriotic reasons- we were at war, and they saw no benefit in exposing our Commander-in-Chief as the incompetent he was.

Decent people, trying to do a decent thing in the interests of society as a whole and not their own selfish interests.

Patriots, in their mind.

Now, for the lesson. The Republicans would never do likewise. No Republican would have sat on this story had Gore been President. No corporate newspaper like the Times or Post would have sat on the story.

It would have been their "Pentagon Papers."

The vile hack Bob Novak will break the law and leak a CIA Agent's name, but no Dem will break the law and leak the 9/11 report.

Republicans are fascists. Militarized fascists intent on worldwide colonization are Nazis. We are dealing with Nazis here, and they will kill to win. The only chance gentle people have against predators is to greatly outnumber them, and it is now apparent we don't.

Our fate is in the hands of the American people- did anything take hold these past 230 years? If the outcome hasn't already been decided, then there is at most precious little time to act.

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