The City of Bridgeport has started recounting the ballots from this Tuesday's contentious election this afternoon,(around 5 pm). As of the six pm news,two of the 25 precincts have been counted. Results are not expected to be known until either late this evening or early tomorrow morning.

After the ballots are all counted, the official tally sheets from Bridgeport will be ferried by a state police escort to Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz's office. Bysiewicz, a Democrat, who is not seeking reelection will take possession of the sheets and will add them to the results from the other 168 towns and cities in Connecticut.

Foley has a roughly 8400 vote lead over Malloy. However, Bridgeport is heavily Democratic and most analysts believe that the Bridgeport totals will put Malloy over the top and the Foley campaign are the ones who will end up blue.

However, the State GOP has announced tonight that they are looking for "volunteers" to recount the votes or question the results or do what the GOP does best, Suppress Democratic voters. Not working this time,but you can rest assured that GOP will do their damndest to screw over the State. Bysiewicz has until November 25th for her office to formally certify the votes. The lawyers for both sides, and the Democratic and Republican parties have already descended on the state. It's not Florida but it could be soon!!! Connecticut may know who its 88th governor will be, but I guarantee you that it is far from over!!!

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