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This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House, Senate or Governor races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

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(6:00 PM EDT, Wednesday, 11/3 to 6:00 PM EDT, Thursday, 11/4):  (48 diaries)

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   House (6)

(VA-05) Tom Periello-Head Held High by tjampel - A thank-you note to Rep. Tom Perriello (D), who lost his re-election bid to Robert Hurt (R).

(WA-02) WA-02 Rick Larson TAKES THE LEAD!! Murray pulls away from Rossi by Lefty Coaster - Diarist has news for Washington's 2nd district.

(AZ-07) Thank you, Raúl Grijalva (and he won) by Kitsap River - Diarist has good news for Arizona's 7th District.

(House-Var) StochasticDemocracy: Post mortem- most accurate House predictions by twohundertseventy - Diarist offers the maps and charts showing SD's predictions, and which forecasters did best.

(House-Var) The Blue Dogs and what army? by kos - The decimated Blue Dog Coalition is demanding Nancy Pelosi step down so one of them can run for the job.

(IL-17, PA-11, MN-08) Possible one-term wonders (w/poll) by Christian Dem in NC - Diarist looks at three new Republicans in the House per their likelihood to be gone in two years.

   Senate (4)

(WA-Sen) WA-Sen 2010:  I'm breaking out my spreadsheet by N in Seattle – Starts to compile voting result totals in the tight race between Democrat Patty Murray and Republican Dino Rossi.

(WV-Sen) WI Sen Video: "The first thing you do to get out of a hole is to start digging" by Jud Lounsbury – Republican Ron Johnson, who defeated Russ Feingold (D), has his own idea for how to get America the Car out of the ditch Republicans left it in: dig the ditch deeper.

(AK-Sen) AK-Sen: No final Senate results for at least a few weeks by Joan McCarter - Scott McAdams (D) has conceded.  It could be a month before we know whether we'll be facing a returning Senator Murkowski (R-write-in) or the Tea Party backed Miller (R).

(Sen-2012) 23 DEMOCRATIC SENATE SEATS UP IN 2012!!! by lanae - Diarist moves ahead to 2012 with a list of 23 Democratic Senators up for re-election.

   Various Races (21)

(CA-AG) CA AG - Harris (D) Declares Victory (Updated) by sfnoggin - Diarist has results from the California Attorney General race, could be weeks for it to be official.

(CA-Gov, Prop 19) Cannabis got more votes than Meg Whitman by change the Be - And Meg Whitman paid so much more for hers.

(CA-Var) I'm so PROUD of my state of California today! by jogabr - Details some of the Democratic gains on Tuesday, and statewide issue results.

(CA-Var) California is Blue by GlowNZ – Looks at the clean sweep by Democrats in statewide races in California.

(CT-Gov) CT-Gov: An AP Snafu, Or Why Malloy Has Won by itskevin - Did the AP miss several thousand votes from New Haven when it withdrew calling the race for Dan Malloy (D) and reported that Tom Foley (R) was ahead?

(CT-Gov) Ct-Gov: Who won Darned if we know by DemfromCt.  Explains the AP call, uncall etc in the CT-Gov race where we still don't have a definitive winner.

(IA-Jud) Election Losses of Iowa Justices Hurt Gay Marriage Efforts Nationwide by Gideon Alper - Diarist writes about a national effort to remove Supreme Court Justices in Iowa.

(IL-Gov) (IL-Gov) Quinn's lead grows, Brady won't concede by Fish in Illinois - Report from the front on the Illinois Governor's race. Incumbent Pat Quinn (D) leads Republican Bill Brady better than 2:1, but Brady's holding out.

(MD-Var) Early Voting: Good Local Race Predictor? by dadadata - Looks at early vote totals in Maryland to see if they can be used as indicators for future race predictions.

(MI-Var) Our experiment: Giving Republicans 100% control of Michigan by cartwrightdale – Looks at the results in Michigan last night which put the GOP in total control of Michigan governing for the first time in thirty years.

(MN-Gov) MN-GOV Events v. 1.1 Recount? What the Hell?? by WineRev - Looks like Minnesota is headed for a recount.  The current count gives Democrat Mark Dayton 43.63% of the vote and Republican Tom Emmer 43.21%.  Minnesota law dictates a recount if the difference is less than 1/2%.

(MN-Gov) In Minnesota, It's Recount Season (again) by Doc D – Minnesota voters go to sleep on election night only to wake up the next day to vote totals that are so close they trigger an automatic recount... again.

(MN-Var) Post Election Thoughts by Baron Dave - Diarist reports on his vote in Minnesota, the ratio of winners and losers. Plus thoughts on the elections generally.

(NJ-Council) Final thoughts on my campaign for Council by MrLiberal - Diarist writes about his loss in a race for Council in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey.

(OK-Var) The fear that grips, mind control by grandma blue - Diarist opines that fear is responsible for the passage of Oklahoma state questions 755 (Sharia law), 751 (English only) and 746 photo ID).

(OR-Gov) BREAKING KPTV (Fox 12 Oregon) Calls it for Kitzhaber by maxomai - Diarist has good news from Oregon's Governors race.

(OR-Gov) Dudley Concedes: Dems keep OR Gov!! by exlrrp - A “breaking news” diary about challenger Chris Dudley (R) conceding and John Kitzhaber (D) being the winner.

(VT-Var) Hooray Vermont! by radical simplicity – In a night of widespread losses, Vermont is a shining light... where Democrats even managed to nab the Governor’s mansion.

(VT-Var) Vermont was not one of the Lucky Ones this election by juliewolf - Diarist explains how Vermont didn't get "lucky," maintaining Democratic control of both houses and the Governorship took a lot of good old fashioned work.

(AZ-StSen) Meet Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce by Mother Mags - Russell Pearce, he of the "show me your papers!" law, has been elected President of the Arizona State Senate by his peers.

(Var) My Thoughts about the 2010 Midterms by JGibson - From the diarist who brought us numerous in-depth profile of races: some results of various races, mostly in Illinois and Missouri, but also from elsewhere.

   Ballot Initiatives (3)

(CA-Prop25) Prop 25 wins in CA -- the end of budget cliffhangers by Ms Citizen – Looks at the victory last night for supporters of “Yes on 25!” in California.

(FL-Am 5 & 6) FL-BrightSpot: Amendments 5&6 - Fair Districts! by norwood - Diarist reports that the Fair Districts Amendments 5 and 6 both passed with over 60% of the vote, establishing enforceable rules for redistricting.

(Prop-Var) Ignore the Media Conflictinator: 2010 Vote Was Turning Point Against Conservative Doctrine by davidsirota – Takes a look at results for ballot initiatives around the country and comes to the conclusion that voters are moving away from Conservatism.

   General (14)

HEY BOEHNER! The Fixit Party Wants to Know...UPDATED by Walt starr - Putting the shoe on the other foot.  Heh.

Things You're Not Hearing from Democrats Today by MeMeMeMeMe - Points out how much saner we are than some of our counterparts on the other side.

Exit Polls Show There is a Mandate: Repeal Bush Tax Cuts and Uphold Health Care Bill by Jud Lounsbury - Interesting exit polls.

GOP captures 30% of voters who want more spending to create jobs by Jed Lewison - More on the confusing information gleaned from the exit polls.

How to Scare the Bejesus out of the American Voter by MepReport - Information on Citizens Against Government Waste, one of the front organizations that ran fear ads during the run-up to the election.

Anti-Pelosi Dems lost overwhelmingly by genocideisnews – Looks at how all the back-stabbers faired when the final votes were counted. Note to Democrats: stabbing your own leaders in the back by running against and from them will win you no elections.

Civil war breaks out inside the Senate GOP by kos - Marcos' take on the GOP jostling for power. Should be fun.

DeMint rides the Tiger - Party Leaders rue GOP lost chance for majority in Sen. by Lefty Coaster - Diarist offers the blow by blow on the ideological battle beginning in the Republican ranks.

Dems win moderates, conservatives dominate GOP by Jed Lewison - Pie charts on how the voting broke across the spectrum on Tuesday.

Fox News Wins The 2010 Election by Karl Frisch - Diarist traces the efforts since Obama took office, the co-option and rise of the Tea Party, their role in Tuesday's election.

Memorable moments in the 2010 election by David Pakman - Diarist offers a nice list of highlights on Election Night.

Rebecca Traister on What the Election Means for Women by Wufacta - Diarist links to a Salon interview about openly confronting sexism in our politics and our society.

Time for some internal changes...a calm sort of rant. by oxfdblue - A list of well-reasoned changes that need to be made by the Democrats to meet the challenges brought by the 2010 elections and towards the 2012 elections.

What the numbers tell us about the disaster by Rich S - Diarist looks at the much different loss rate between the Blue Dogs and the Progressives, contrasting with the right's narrative.

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