Jon Stewart said it. What's been on our minds for years. What we tell the other mate in the room with us everytime another damn episode came on.

Here we are, waiting for the next anticipated show.  'Anticipated' only because we have faith in the network that is becoming the only progressive voice out of the big 3.

But then what happens? FUCKING Lock Up.

Are you fucking serious? Again? Why? Why? Why?


Really. Fucking Why?

This has been a problem for years. How do I get famous? Kill somebody and get on MSNBC. Because eventually, you will get on MSNBC.

I got it at first. OK, is the prison system failing? Do we have problems in the prison system? Sure. Maybe. But you know what? I'm tired of it all. I don't want to spend my loser night times watching more losers. Is MSNBC trying to tell me something. WTF!

I don't even think they are trying to point out problems anymore. They are just showcasing the worst of the worst like a fucking reality show. It's all becoming lame.

I especially liked it when after Jon asked Rachel the question, Rachel confirmed and Jon basically said, "OK, what the fuck ever". You saw it in his eyes and his body language. He said "damn I am so sick of that show. Give me something else would you."

Does MSNBC have a creativity void? Are they being extorted to do these shows? What the hell is going on?  Do they really have the ratings to support these shows over other alternatives?

Here's what happens everytime I'm sitting here all comfy in my couch and Lock Up comes on.... "FUCK, I'm still a loser."

Maybe MSNBC is trying to tell me something. Get a life asshole.

OK, reviewed some comments. So I should do some Netflix or Hulu. And I'm beginning to realize something.  Maybe Lockup is trying to tell people something.  Because I thought about how I canceled Netflix because I suck, so I don't have that option.  And then as for Hulu, well they support Fox, and I have boundaries that just may be overbearing.  But with that being said, I thought this through and some people can't afford Netflix, never had netflix, and probably the same people who have never heard of Hulu.

These people need Lockup. Because as JNSD said below, it's a reminder of how much life in a prison cell fucking sucks.  (Different situation from JNSD).  Maybe that's stereotypish.

Anyways, I learned that learned that Teabagger brains is diet food.

Originally posted to jreal on Thu Nov 11, 2010 at 07:06 PM PST.


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