Note: I realize there are many diaries on the topic of caving on tax cuts for the wealthy, and RenaRF has a good diary about targeting the Senate, but I feel too passionately about this not to post.

True story, and yes its disgusting, but it happened about 10 minutes in to Olbermann tonight.  After feeling sick to my stomach since I saw the HuffPo headline this morning that Obama was seriously considering CAVING on the ONE THING he was consistent on regarding his economic platform from the day he announced his candidacy until yesterday.  Finally, it just came out.

That Obama and his people would even considering caving to Republicans after the past two years just makes you wonder if his administration is capable of learning at all.  The Republicans have not even said they would vote along with temporary tax cuts so why are we (once again) extending the olive branch early.

255 Democrats in the House, 58 Democrats in the Senate.  Poll after poll after poll shows the American people do not want the tax cuts for the wealthy extended.  Chris Hayes was spot on:  Obama has a mandate for this tax cut, and the midterm election was supposedly a mandate for deficit reduction: SO WHY THE HELL ARE WE ADDING $700 billion in more debt for something nobody outside of a few hundred Republicans in Washington want.

Reid and Pelosi better pass the Obama Middle Class Tax Cut program without any tax cuts for those making over $250k.  I have no doubt Pelosi will and she has the votes.  Reid needs to put this on the floor and make Republicans vote no no no no no over and over again. If he does that the middle class tax cuts will pass without the wealthy tax cuts, here's why:

He has a few assets on the Republican side of the aisle:  One is named George Voinovich and one is named Olympia Snowe.

Voinovich is retiring.  He was opposed to Bush's trillion dollar tax cut in 2003 and got the Republicans to settle on $350 billion.  He is also on record as saying we should let all the tax cuts expire.  He knows these tax cuts are bad for the economy and he has no reason to listen to McConnell.  There is no reason Reid and Obama cannot get his vote.

Snowe voted against the TEMPORARY tax cuts in 2001 and 2003.  It would stand to reason that she would be against piling on even more debt with the PERMANENT version today.  This front page post shows that she is vulnerable on the right, but voting for this tax cut will not change that.  Instead, this is her opportunity to break with Republican establishment and either go Indy or switch to the Democratic party.  A switch is coming; it mind as well be now.

I am really fired up about this as I know many here are.  This, I think would be the worst cave in of them all.  Worse than caving on the public option, or putting too many tax breaks in the stimulus, or the handslap financial reform.  

Speaking of financial reform, maybe Obama needs to hire a few of these Wall St execs to teach his administration a thing or two about the art of negotiation.  It is the least they could do to return the favor for SAVING THEIR ASSES from financial ruin.

And speaking of hiring, remind me to NEVER HIRE MY CAMPAIGN STAFF for key White House positions if I am ever elected President someday.  Every time I see Axelrod on TV, I think two things:  1. Democrats are about to cave on something again, and 2.) this guy is in way over his head.  I will be happy to see Axelrod back in Chicago working on his re-election campaign - his area of expertise.  Rove and Hughes were disasters for Bush and Carville and Stephanapolous were disaster for Clinton.  There is a pattern here, but I digress.

I have to conclude this rant before it gets too long, but I will say this in closing.  No matter what, I will probably vote for you, Mr. President, in 2012.  I know what ever Republican/teabagger candidate there is will be even more awful.  Most of your base will probably vote too.  But will they work as hard for you as they did in 2008?

On an August weekend, will I volunteer at the local OFA office, or go kayaking in the state park?

On an evening in October will I make phone calls for you, or pick up some overtime at my job?

Will I open my wallet repeatedly like I did in 2008, or will I save it for something for myself?

Will I call all of my closest friends that I know are Democrats and get them to volunteer for a few hours?

Will I call or message my not-so close friends and acquaintances and bring up the uncomfortable topic of politics in order to try and grab a few extra votes for you?

On election day, will I take a vacation day to GOTV, or will I save it for the holidays instead?

We'll see...

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