Kentucky's infamous Tim Profitt from 'stompgate' goes to court on Thursday in Lexington Kentucky and attempts to lobby support from KY candidates.

Yeah, Lexington is uber-liberal and tolerant (3 openly gay elected officials) almost all of our county officials are Democrats and our city council could arguable be labeled as socialist.  What we don't tolerate is violence much less violence against a 115 lb woman.

Right now Profitt faces 4th degree assault charges, however unfortunately for Mr. Profitt Ms. Valle was reported to have sustained a concussion, guess what that means?  Felony charges, gosh it's just not fashionable to curb stomp people anymore.

Heads will roll and I'll be covering this.  Tim Profitt however seems to be trying to lobby support from local politicos, he sent a message to Dea Riley, an independent running for governor in 2011.

The hilarious smack down from Riley can be found here.

CLARIFICATION: Dea Riley is running for Lt. Governor, not governor in 2011.

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