I actually hate the liquids foolishness more than I hate backscatter x rays.  I need product in my hair in order not to resemble Einstein.  Every time I try to squirt the leave in conditioner into a travel sized bottle and get goop all over myself and the sink I think negative thoughts about Janet Napolitano.  

But what I really hate is the new pat down. I'm still shaken from the one I got several weeks back.  She touched my ankle, while I was asking her not to.

The general groping is an annoyance, but I'm not a particularly delicate flower of nature and since everyone is getting the same treatment I would feel a little silly getting too worked up.

However, no one touches my ankle.  

And this woman did, grasping it and sending an electrical charge up my leg that I still feel the ghost of today.  I've had four surgeries.  The last one was to fuse the damn thing.  It's filled with screws. Ten of them, I think.  

Did I tell you I don't touch my ankle. except very, very carefully.

When you have had one incision site opened and closed multiple times, I suppose it shouldn't be surprizing that it is manifestly unzipperlike.  I'm not sure what the medpros call it, but it took 8 years after my last surgery for me to be able to wear shoes with backs on them.

This woman was affronted that I told her not to touch my ankle. Instead of stopping and asking, she just ignored and grabbed. I didn't even have a sock on. I would have pulled up my pant leg.  Just thinking about it makes my heart rate accelerate.  

If it was anything but security theatre, I don't think I would mind so much.  But it's a pointless exercise. Like the hair products.  They never make my hair look like those hair models in the commercials.  I just feel like I've done my part to save the world from flyaway hair.

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