I thought I'd gather up some of the names that have been used to describe President Obama today on DailyKos.
It's a list of names that will perhaps be useful for the RNC, Fox News or other anti-Democratic party entities.

Below the fold you will see the list of names I've gathered from the comments in the front page diary entitled
President Gimmick

Join me below the fold and please add your own.  The name-calling party is still going strong so there are probably some new names to add.

President Gimmick

just another Bush

Uncle Fluffy

Barack O'Blivion

President Image

President Greenwash

President Spineless

Obama =Neville Chamberlain

President Sabotage

President Betrayal

President Haskell

Barack Hoover Obama

President Preventive Captitulator

President Powerless

President Self Negotiator

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