There's a pack of bears that live in the nearby forest.  

They steal a few of your crops each day.  That's to be expected - they're bears, they take what they want however they can.

It wouldn't be a problem, except you can't afford to eat if you just let nature take its course.  

And token opposition won't cut it to intimidate a determined bear looking to fatten up however it can.  

You can only live around bears if you have real weight behind your opposition to them.  

Letting the bears just get away with constantly intimating you means they will take everything.

The bears will have no sympathy for you if you or your family starve.

That's what the Democratic party has been doing for the past 2 years - letting them get away with it, falling prey to every snippet of intimidation, and watching their food and family dwindle.

Sure - you could just blame the out-of-power Republicans and tea-partiers- but they're opportunists looking to fatten themselves, they really should just be expected to act like this.  Letting them get away with it, over and over and over again IS the moral fault of those who should be expected to know better.

Has there been opposition?  Sure - we've seen some civil protests, even a rally to restore sanity - but nothing that didn't shrivel at the slightest irrational roar of the bear lumbering by to ask for more tax cuts at any cost.

The sociopathic bears aren't dumb - just greedy and dense to anything they don't regard as real opposition.  They're playing to win, taking wherever they can take.  They poke at weak targets until something meaty shows up.

And there ain't nothing more meaty than a big tax break held in the shaking hands of a tired man just looking to make the bear go away once again.

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