Bless You, Sen. Bernie Sanders! You're doing a great job, you're a real Patriot.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has taken to the Senate floor to launch an old fashioned, real live filibuster against the Bad Deal to give tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans.  Today he is asking the hard questions of our national leaders about why those tax cuts are necessary.

Tweet this up people! Make sure more people notice it!  Bernie Sanders is currently the #2 trending topic on Twitter, yet a lot of news outlets still aren't reporting on this. Let's stay on them to report the Filibuster!  KEEP AT IT!

He's been at this since 10:25 AM EST, and he's still going strong!

Link for C-SPAN2 feed is here

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Call Your Senator and Representative and ask them to explain Whose Idea Was It?

Senate Contact Info

House Contact Info

Sen. Sherrod Brown has posted a diaryasking us to send a strong message to President Obama.  Please co-sign the letter to send President Obama a message that middle class taxpayers need a better deal. Click Here To Sign Sen. Sherrod Brown's Letter to Pres. Obama

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Link for C-SPAN2 feed is here

Update: Money bomb for Sen. Sanders at ActBlue here

Update #2:
 Call the news media and tell them to cover this historic event.  Link to media contacts here

Update #3: Senator Sanders concluded his remarks at 7 pm EDT.  Thank you so much, Senator, for your passion and vision and all the hard work it took to put 8 and a half hours worth of excellent arguments in favor of doing a better job on taxes, UI and rebuilding our economy.

Call Sen. Sanders office and thank him, please.  

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