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Who was the biggest ass clown of 2010?

That's the question that YOU get to answer!

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Here's how it works:  We've gathered a BIG group of nominees. A bumper crop of ass clowns.  Vote below, using the poll.  Whichever ass clown gets the lowest vote each day(around 5pm) will be dropped. A new poll will be posted the next day (for this first day, we'll drop all candidates that don't reach 3%, at least. Also, IF there are any write-in candidates, and there's strong support in the comments today only, I'll add them tomorrow).

We'll do this each day, like last year, dropping a new low finisher each day, until someone gets 50%, and is declared the winner.  As you may recall, last year's balloting came down to an epic battle between Joe Lieberman and Glenn Beck -- one which Lieberman took by a 50.1% to 49.9% margin.

So go ahead, vote, argue for your nominee in the comments, and... may the best ass clown win!

Nominees, with explanation, below the fold...

And the nominees are...

  1. Sarah Palin: For just being herself
  1. John Boehner: Because we all know it's really pronounced "Boner"
  1. Glenn Beck: For taking insanity "to an 11."
  1. Mitch McConnell: For his firm "just so no" stance regarding anything that was good for America
  1. The American Voter: For hating the GOP, and still voting for them.  Way to go!
  1. Joe Barton:  For apologizing to BP
  1. Christine O’Donnell:  For not being a witch, and no, she didn’t turn Gingrich into a newt
  1. Tony Hayward:  BP CEO. He has his life back.  Can we get our ocean back?  
  1. Sharon Angle:  She actually lost to Harry Reid.  She’s THAT bad.
  1. Michelle Bachman: For taking crazy "to a 12"
  1. Jan Brewer:  Gov-AZ
  1. John McCain:  Because what's bad news for America is great news for John McCain!
  1. Joe Miller:  Because we're pretty sure he still hasn't given up
  1. The Tea Party:  Fer a yeer of teling Amurka too "get a brain, morans."
  1. The Democratic Party:  For channeling Charlie Brown, and STILL believing Lucy wouldn’t pull the football away  

Originally posted to Hlinko on Mon Dec 20, 2010 at 10:44 AM PST.


Who is the biggest Ass Clown of 2010?

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4%164 votes
16%666 votes
5%216 votes
16%678 votes
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0%28 votes
2%89 votes
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6%263 votes
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8%356 votes
12%513 votes

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