There is resolve in hope.
  To work my ass off for my hopes.
  To accept that there are some things, however small, that I can do to make life better for at least one other person.
  To be kind and compassionate.
  To be loud and fierce and fearless.

    And to understand that there is a time for ferocity and a time for gentleness. Because, while the meek may eventually inherit the Earth, the sound and the fury will lead them. And so that's the point of this community. Not just Democrats and Progressives and liberals and whatever you want to label yourself. WE are the sound and the fury. And as this New Year is almost upon us, we can take a moment to understand what that means.

    There is resolve in the hopes of a community that is, in some instances, fractured, but never wholly broken. A resolve that prohibits that breaking. Because whatever we are working toward, we know that, no matter where we are, we are all hoping and pulling in the same direction. To pull such a load takes a great deal of noise--not just bellowing, but a thoughtful, empassioned sound. And we provide that sound.

    There is resolve lending itself to another year of fighting and pulling in that direction. Pulling corrupt, unwilling leaders, pulling the weight of a nation that has its heels dug in deep, entrenched in the mud of bass-ackwardness. To do this, we resolve to allow ourselves to be outraged at the callousness of our political system. It takes a great deal of fury to even be driven to keep up that pulling. And so we are fury.

    There is also resolve in seeing another year come to pass. The first full year of my granddaughter's life. And in seeing her there is resolve that she will have the spirit to fight a lifetime's worth of battles. A lifetime's worth of New Years.

    Resolved. Another year is speeding at me--they seem to move by faster as I get older--and as I gear up for upcoming political battles I realize that my hope never left me; it's still right here. It takes beatings and still remains resolved. Here's to you kossacks, and here's to another year of the Great Orange Satan!

Originally posted to Socratic Method on Mon Dec 27, 2010 at 01:46 PM PST.

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