Over the weekend, there was a terrible act committed by Jared Lee Loughner when he attempted to assassinate Gabrielle Giffords. He killed 6 others and gravely wounded Representative Giffords.

RKBA is a DKos group of second amendment supporters who also have progressive and liberal values. We don't think that being a liberal means one has to be anti-gun. Some of us are extreme in our second amendment views (no licensing, no restrictions on small arms) and some of us are more moderate (licensing, restrictions on small arms.) Moderate or extreme, we hold one common belief: more gun control equals lost elections. We don't want a repeat of 1994. We are an inclusive group: if you see the Second Amendment as safeguarding our right to keep and bear arms individually, then come join us in our conversation. If you are against the right to keep and bear arms, come join our conversation. We look forward to seeing you, as long as you engage in a civil discussion. RKBA stands for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the families of the 6 people killed. We hope that those 13 people wounded by this vicious premeditated attack, including Representative Giffords, make as speedy a recovery as possible.

We would also like to recognize the heroes who helped save lives when this event occurred.  

Patricia Maisch was able to keep Loughner from murdering more people by grabbing his loaded magazine, which he had dropped. Roger Salzgeber and Bill Badger wrestled the terrorist to the ground. Joseph Zamudio, who was armed at the time, helped subdue the assassin after he was on the ground. Daniel Hernandez fought to  keep Rep. Giffords alive by applying pressure to the wound and raising her head to keep her from asphyxiating.

Originally posted to KVoimakas on Tue Jan 11, 2011 at 04:14 AM PST.

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