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A trucking company has fired the tractor-trailer driver who was praised by firefighters for her split-second decision to steer her rig into some parked fire engines and away from a crowded accident scene on icy Interstate 95 Friday night.

"They said I was `disqualified to drive for England anymore,'" she said.

Connecticut firefighters are calling her a hero. Her company, C.R. England Transportation fires her.

Some background on the story ~

Nansey Asaro, a trucker from Pennsylvania was driving through Connecticut, doing 45 m.p.h. on a highway.

She approached a bend in the road near Exit 31. Ahead, she saw it: a wall of fire trucks, police cruisers and about five civilian cars blocking all three lanes of traffic. She watched wide-eyed as a tractor-trailer, just like hers, crashed into one of two fire trucks in the blockade.

Asaro applied the brakes, but the truck would not slow. She couldn't stop. Her trailer, empty and gaining speed, started to fishtail around the cab.

Her big rig couldn't stop on the icy road, and she had two choices - ram into the line of firefighters (should they not get out of the way in time) or demolish her rig, and possibly herself, by slamming into their firetrucks. She sacrificed her rig.

Her first thought: "`Is anybody hurt?'"


C.R. England has a Facebook page.

Barrett Galloway wants to know:

I'm 22 and I have gotten a reckless driving ticket in the past, but its more then 3 years old almost 4 years old, how bad will that hurt my chances?

Don't ask, Barrett.

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