Glacier Sign

The sun came out on Monday and Tuesday and so we went off to Glacier National Park in search of stuff to photograph.

Outside of Glacier:

This is the valley just outside of Glacier National Park looking at the Rocky Mountains.

Flathead 1

Flathead Valley 2

We don’t all live in tipis, but there are tipis in the area.


Here’s a frozen waterfall:

Frozen Waterfall

Glacier National Park:

Steam is coming off the lake in the foreground—it was about 5 below zero when this was taken.

Lake McDonald

Lake McDonald 2

Lake McDonald 3

This is the road along the lake.

Lake M road

The road is kept open for about 8 miles along the lake to the lodge. The closed road is then used by cross-country skiers.

End of the Road

The Lodge

The totem pole at the lodge is shown below. The Kootenai, for whom this is a sacred area which is important in their creation stories, never made totem poles.  See: National Parks and Indians: Glacier National Park   for more about the local Indians.

Totem Pole

Outside the Park:

The Isaac Walton Inn is a railroad stop outside of the park and has a Great Northern Railway theme.

Isaac Walton Exterior

Isaac Walton 1

Isaac Walton Inside

Mtn Goat

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