So who the hell is Paul Dickerson and what is Robert (Bobby) Eberle thanking him for?  That's the question I asked myself when I first saw the name in a letter at GOPUSA.

Both Bruce Eberle and Bobby Eberle posted letters concerning the merger of Millions of Americans and GOPUSA.

In Bobby's letter he thanks Paul Dickerson and refers to him as part of the GOPUSA team.  

"I would personally like to thank Bruce Eberle, Bill Griffiths, Brian Anderson, and Mike Hiban at MillionsOfAmericans.com for their hard work in making this merger possible. In particular, a special thank-you is owed to Bruce Eberle for trusting GOPUSA to be the "right" organization to take the MillionsOfAmericans.com message forward. Thanks also goes out to Paul Dickerson, Charlie Weldon, and Terri Hillhouse of the GOPUSA team for their valuable insights."

Charlie Weldon and Terri Hillhouse are/were listed as board members of GOPUSA--Paul Dickerson is/was not.

Letters are here:

So I did a search for Paul Dickerson.  I found a Paul Dickerson in Houston Texas. He is. . .

A republican


A Bush "Ranger"-fundraiser for 04 to the tune of 200K D919+Paul+Dickerson&hl=en

A Lawyer working for a firm with past Bush ties


Someone who rubs elbows with Donald A. Deline, director of government affairs for Halliburton, and Laura Lane, Time Warner Inc.'s vice president for international public policy


Someone who gets invited to Crawford and Ellis Island


Someone who attends a lot of thank you get aways


Someone who parties at the White House


Listed as a fundraiser contact at Talon News


A guy who prefers to take a client instead of a sweet young thing to fundraisers


Someone who is courted by the party

http://www.nytimes.com/2005/01/22/politics/22money.html?ex=1264136400&en=107a25c2b9cb5273&ei =5089&partner=rssyahoo

A Walmart shopper

http://www.haynesboone.com/FILES/tbl_s12PublicationsHotTopics/PublicationPDF60/949/12_23_2002_Dicker son.pdf

A Bush Apointee


Someone who provides Fuel for the Bush Money Machine


A writer-lots of business journal stuff=here's one


This guy is all over the place and in all the "right" places; Crawford, Ellis Island, Houston, the White House, Talon News, GOPUSA, the government . . .

I still don't know what role Dickerson plays/played at GOPUSA or what he did to deserve Bobby Eberles thanks in a letter concerning the merger of Millions of Americans and GOPUSA.  But I sure as hell would like to find out

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