Fair warning – there are no politics in this post. Just a happy, feel-good story about Dkos community...

A few months ago, I was a frustrated author. Still am, I suppose. However, I am slightly less frustrated...sort of. Actually, in many ways, I'm even more frustrated.


Anyway, without the help of the community, I would probably still be in that first stage of frustration and would never have moved onto aggravation. I had written a book, believed in it, and wanted to get it published. Yet I stood outside the towering, stone wall surrounding the publishing industry, with the only weapon at my side a one-page query letter. I asked you all for some advice, and you gave it.

See what you did...

First off, here’s my cry for help:

And here was where I announced the publishing of the book:

Since then, the reviews have started to come in, and they’ve been quite kind. Here's just one:

"Progeny is the debut novel of R.T. Kaelin and I have to say I was really impressed. The story moves right along, but Kaelin takes the time to flesh it out and give the world and the characters depth. I got caught up and wanted to know what happens next. Not to mention wanting to know more and more about the world I was immersed into.

Overall, I would favorably compare his writing with Brandon Sanderson, Scott Lynch, (early) Robert Jordan and even a bit of David Eddings flavor mixed in. I really enjoyed this book and my biggest disappointment is going to be waiting for the next installment."
-C. Shadis,  reviewer at LibraryThing.com

I’ve been giving talks to local high schools, scheduled book signings in town, had a few small stories published about the book, and am doing an interview (all day today, January 19th at http://www.theauthorsshow.com).

I am still searching for a national publisher, but with the reviews that are coming in, I believe that will happen.

I just wanted to say thank you. Without the Dkos community, none of this would have happened.

Author website: http://www.rtkaelin.com

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