Someone needs to do this kind of mapping for the VRWC:


This is a really good idea, and the right-wing network is so much more VAST, has so much more power, it is really worth mapping out.

I was chatting with a friend about conspiracies recently. My impression is that the right-wingers have wilder, more outrageous, and more fanciful conspiracy theories than the left.

There really are conspiracies out there, and they periodically get exposed, investigated, and the perpetrators get prosecuted. Over time, they tend to implode when the perpetrators either overreach or get too greedy and start double-crossing each other. Robert Anton Wilson ("Everything is Under Control") believes that conspiracies have a maximum shelf life of about 10 years-- at which point they inevitably get destroyed from within or squashed by a rival conspiracy.

I think the difference between the right and the left is that progressives tend to reality-test conspiracy theories in the crucible of investigation, research, and of course criminal or civil trials in our court system. If a jury convicts some people of conspiracy, it was. If not, we're not going to bet the farm on it.

Also, right-wingers have an authoritarian viewpoint which posits that SOMEONE or something must be in control. I suppose if they lack either a strong faith in a god-in-charge, but are too authoritarian to accept an atheistic blind watchmaker of impersonal forces, then all they've got left is some imagined conspiracy of bogeymen.

Another factor that my friend pointed out is that the right wing is in power right now, and arguably has been for over a generation now. Our conspiracy theories have a much higher potential of actually being correct; it's a safe bet that the right-wingers in power will collude to preserve and extend it.

The right-wing's conspiracy theories, and fantasies of persecution, are exactly that: pure fantasy. They weild a tremendous amoutn of power and it doesn't take much to prove it. I'd love to see the VRWC actually mapped out. There is so much data, I'd imagine the results would be quite enlightening.

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