Here on Daily Kos, we all love Keith. He is our father/brother/buddy/blogger friend. He gives voice to our discontent, and calls out the people we wish someone - anyone - with a microphone would call out.

We love what Keith stands for. We understand his fire and his passion and his sometimes impolitic nature. Without Keith, we are left with a large, gaping hole in our media environment that can't just be filled by Rachel, or Lawrence, or any number of competent and entertaining leftish pundits.

Keith is special because he is one of us. Many have written here about their sadness at his departure from msnbc. Some have theorized on why he left. None have asked the community the question: what would you like to see him do next?

So, I decided I would start that conversation now.

Here's what I would like to see Keith do to keep his unique voice in the media landscape. It is my understanding that in his contract he can still have a presence on the internet and in radio, just not on television. His most passionate supporters - us - well, it's safe to say that we are internet addicts. We love politics and snarky humor and the occassional cute kitty pic.

I think it would be a natural fit if Keith started his own podcast and website. Nothing grandious or long - maybe just 5-10 minutes of his thoughts on the day's news, his special comments and the occassional, oddball oddity. Some days might also have a bonus special guest interview with comedians like David Cross or John Cleese, or politicians like Anthony Weiner and Raul Grijalva. His website could highlight the news he feels is important, let folks easily view his twitter feed and provide his public contact information.

The point would be to keep Keith in the public eye and a part of the public conversation while he is effectively "benched", and to allow all of us that contact with Keith that inspires us and makes us feel that if we, too, speak out we can all make a difference.

That's just my thoughts - I'd like to hear yours. Participate in the poll, leave a comment in the thread, share your story of when Keith motivated you or reached through the airwaves and made that connection with you as you were sitting in your living room watching his show.

I look forward to hearing what you have to say :-)

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