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Contact your the Egyptian embassies in the U.S. and tell the Egyptian government to respect the rights of the people of Egypt.

Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt
3521 International CTM.W.
Washington DC, 20008
Tel: (202) 895-5400
Fax: (202) 224-4319/5131
Ambassador's Residence
2301 Massachussettes St.
NW Washington DC, 20008

Egyptian Consulate -- New York
1110 2nd Avenue
New York, New York 10022
Tel: (212) 759-7120/1/2

Egyptian Consulate -- Chicago
30 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60603

Egyptian Consulate -- Houston
2000 West Loop South
Houston, Texas 77027
Tel: (713) 961-4915/6, 961-4407

Egyptian Consulate -- San Francisco
3001 Pacific Avenue
San Francisco, California 94115
Tel: (415) 346-9700/2


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opendna has posted a powerful twitter streaming tool which allows you to stream #jan15 and 'egypt' twitter feeds.  Highly recommended.


List of Liveblog Child Diaries (beginning with the current child)
1.27.11 bicycle Hussein paladin - Why Iran 1979 Went to the Islamists and This One Won't
1.27.11 Weasel - Updates on the Egyptian Protests


Soysauce posted a mothership just prior to mine with a list of diaries written on this subject.  She deleted her diary but sent me the code and I'm including it here. Terra Mystica compiled this list, please rec their comments to thank them for all of the work they did.

Many Kossaks have been covering this developing story.  Here's a listing of the diaries posted in the last three days (thanks to Terra Mystica for compiling them.)

North African Revolution Continues; Clay Claiborne (1/27)

Hillary Could Do More to Stay Pharaoh's Hand; Robert Naiman (1/27)

Protest in Libya, Algeria. More Planned; AoT (1/27)

Egyptian Internet Blackout; Ryvr (1/27)

Egypt: tomorrow is a test of the strength of the opposition and the Mubarak regime; Mutual Assured Destruction (1/27)

Adalah: the Winter of Arab Discontent Hotlist; unspeakable (1/27)

Updated: We are all Khaled Said. US Supported Regime killing civilians.; OllieGarkey (1/27)

Tunisia, Egypt, ... And Now Yemen.; amk for obama (1/27)

Adalah: the Winter of Arab Discontent; unspeakable (1/27)

Updates on the Egyptian Protests, weasel (1/27)

A Welcome Shift in the Obama Administration's Rhetoric on Democracy in the Middle East; Neil Hicks (1/27)

Obama Snubs Middle Eastern Freedom Fighters Again; Omert (1/26)

Tomgram: Juan Cole, American Policy on the Brink; TomDispatch (1/26)

Update on Egyptian Protests; weasel (1/26)

UPDATED: Egypt Protests Continue, Tunisia Wants Ben Ali Back; Clay Claiborn (1/26)

Waiting for Krauthammer on Egypt; Avenging Angel (1/26)

Egypt: Smart move from the Muslim Brotherhood ; Mutual Assured Destruction (1/26)

Egypt: Smart move from the Muslim Brotherhood; Neil Hicks (1/26)

UPDATED- Please Ask Hillary: Tell Egyptian Government Hands off Protesters Now!; Ralph Lopez (1/26)

Egypt and the Secular Revolution; Yusufsaad (1/26)

BREAKING: Protesters Plan Massive Day of Wrath in Egypt Today; Clay Claiborne (1/25)

Changes are Coming: News Flashes from the Middle East; weasel (1/25)

NOW - Thousands Protesting in Egypt; koNko (1/25)

Revolution in Egypt?; greendem (1/25)

Egypt: Just popular unrest or the beginning of the end of the Mubarak regime?; Mutual Assured Destruction (1/25)

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