I wrote this in a comment, but this ought to be taken seriously.  PowerLine has been on a compaign to silence dissent.  Calling anyone who disagrees with Bush administration policy a traitor.  For just the latest example of Hindrocket's bile, see this:

The only conclusion I can come to is that a great many liberals are so consumed by hate that they have gone stark raving mad.


Another example is where Hindrocket called President Carter a man "on the other side" -- the clear implication being that he was on the side of the terrorists.  When he was called out for this, he not only failed to apologize, he lobbed unsubstantiated allegations of treason against him.  After a reader notified him that one of the events he wrote about was complete BS, he had this to say:

But, as I say, this is not an area in which I am an expert. Let's hear from more historians on this point, as well as the 1984 contact.

So Hindrocket's apparent philosophy is to accuse people of treason and then to investigate the facts behind the libelous accusations later.  This my friends is reminiscent of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and all the other great propaganists of the last century.

Let's lead a campaign.  He has a right to free speech sure, but we have a right to expose his speech as the far-right, neo-fascism that it is.  

This is the name of his firm: Faegre & Benson LLP.  It is a prominent Minnesota lawfirm that I am sure has thousands of clients who would not be too happy with this guy's right-wing extremism.  Remember Minnesota was the only state to vote for Mondale in '84 --- who was Mondale VP to?  Jimmy "on the other side" Carter.  I doubt many of his clients would be too happy with his bile.  Moreover, even if they agreed with him, they know this sort of polarizing talk ain't good for business.

Come on Kossaks: ORGANIZE.  This is the guy who brought down Rather and Eason Jordan --- not that we give two shits about them, but it shows that he is ready to take others down, let's take him down.  Come on people, let's do it.  Find out this firm's clients, and boycott them.  Look, I can't imagine even many of his fellow attorneys at his firm would be happy with his rhetoric. From their website:

The firm gives financial and other support to The Minnesota Minority Lawyers Association, Minnesota Women Lawyers, the Twin Cities Committee on Minority Lawyers in Large Law firms, the Minnesota Minority Recruitment Conference, the Southeastern Minority Job Fair, and the Metropolitan Economic Development Association, as well as a variety of other organizations in the community.

Doesn't sound like a firm that would want to be associated with such an extremist.  And make no mistake that is what he is, just go through his archives.  This is what the right does to far-lefties all the time.  They paint all of us with their brush.  Let's strike back.  This is a worthy target.

Find out who the firm's clients are, and let's make it known that we will not do business with them, or that no one in the reality-based community should do business with them.  Don't make anything up, just show these people what Hindrocket's words have been.  They have been words that are polarizing in the extreme and out to stifle legitimate dissent.  

HE IS UNAMERICAN.  Take action now.  We can do it.

Update [2005-2-21 3:45:49 by NewDem]:See this amazing video of Hindrocket saying that everyone (except Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman, literally) in the Democratic party does not care about America, does not care about terrorists, and only cares about power. This is what we are dealing with folks---SLANDER.

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