This is a brief blurb that I picked up from Informed Comment (Prof. Cole blog) about mistreatement of prisoner inside the U.S.

More after the bumb:

Quoting the New York Daily News:

The Israeli detainees do not appear to have been treated any better than the Muslim ones:

' Oded Ellner - one of five Israeli Jewish terrorist suspects - said he sought medical help after MDC's allegedly meager, often spoiled meals left him with severe dysentery symptoms. The doctor came with five guards and a camera, he said. She then ordered him to strip and shift his backside into a small space in the cell door so she could conduct a rectal exam from outside the cell. "I'm a human being, not an animal!" Ellner said he shouted. "I have a right to an exam." The guards, he said, "just laughed," and all walked away. '

The man who wrote the advice to President Bush on the permissibility of the use of torture after September 11, Albert Gonzales, is now in charge of the very penitentiary where his sort of thinking went wild.  

And were did this behavior took place, but in Brooklyn, of ocurse. According to the Daily News among the the things that were done to prisoners (none of which were ever charged with a crime!)

.Humiliated them by making fun of - and sometimes painfully squeezing - their genitals.

.Deprived them of regular sleep for weeks or months.

.Shackled their hands and feet before smashing them repeatedly face-first into concrete walls - within sight of the Statue of Liberty.

.Forced them in winter to stand outdoors at dawn while dressed in light cotton prison garb and no shoes, sometimes for hours.

And were these gaurds prosecuted. What do you think?

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