I'll start with the requisite apology for the short diary, even shorter on details -- but it's big news, for those of us in the DC metro area  (and the rest of Virginia) and nationally. Virginia's first-term Senator, Jim Webb has been saying for a few weeks that he would decide soon. Given his unconventional background, it's hardly surprising that he's decided not to run.

With former Governor George Allen running for his old seat, this will be a tough one to hold, but a vital one with the Democratic majority hanging in the wind. Terry McAuliffe has already said he's saving himself for the Governor's seat. Former Rep. Tom Perriello is certainly a favorite of progressives inside and outside of VIrginia, but here would have to be real question about his ability to win statewide. The obvious choice to replace Webb on the Democartic ticket remains former Governor and national Party chair Tim Kaine. Kaine was a popular governor, who will probably look even better in comparison to the current Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell. Anyone got Kaine's phone #?

(Update) -- Webb's office released an official statement about his decision not to run. That release has been reported in the Washington Post and the New York Times (link in comments). It's now also on thefront page of DKos. If you're looking for a great discussion, go to the front-page story. If you want to vote about a possible replacement, vote here.

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