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154437916661019285.81BUSTED: Anonymous Uncovers Corporate Proposal to Take Down Wikileaksan0nym0us16:00
252327213961622745.67Clarence Thomas Is Trying To Get Away With A FelonyRogerShuler13:23
343915811851827524.76Hey Remember those 16 GOP that declined their healthcare?lanae16:53
441446320353420984.63Hillary Clinton: too much money in drugs to legalize themxxdr zombiexx07:29
537819010541814124.02Update 2X | Oh Snap! Gillibrand: GOP Showing "Heinous Disregard" for WomenClarknt6711:41
636526123705303.79Middle East/Africa Protests Mothership #18: "IRHAL" - "Leave, Leave"Tahrir07:08
729026111034815383.16How to drop the unemployment rate to zerogjohnsit12:56
827237117937613373.12Rep. Chris Lee (R-NY26) caught seeking affairs through Craigslist, sending topless picsAdama D Brown15:24
9229156912747102.50Seriously Republicans, When Are You Going To Work On Jobs?Something the Dog Said09:36
1020928410526812272.33Patriot Act Goes Down in the Housegoinsouth01:15
11191160622166162.05"Asleep at the wheel ...": Peak Oil (wiki)Leaking Into The Public DiscussionA Siegel12:04
12178371931903401.87Community Quilt for AjiSara R20:58
13153147741936411.70Face it - some people just don't believe in governmentteacherken18:43
14146211811875191.63An American expat's view from the European Union on the weak American social safety netDemocrats Ramshield08:17
15113319841605141.31Obama's (America's) missed chanceratmach21:52
16101125471091191.07IGTNT: Honoring the Life of a Fallen MarineJaxDem20:11
1710155221072191.06Wikileaks Informationthread 56cedar park20:23
189424940992260.99Criminal InJustice Kos: A Letter To My SonCriminal InJustice Kos19:02
1989203451123560.99Don't the Blue Dogs ever F___ing Learn?LaFeminista15:11
20807328953980.87PPP to NOM: Prop 8 Will Die. (It's Just a Matter of How.)jpmassar13:32
2178264551134550.91The President Is Always In Arm's ReachThisIsMyTime10:48
22684527821730.74Bank of America Proposal Targets Greenwald, Wikileaks in Secret Opscadejo415:00
236412139731500.69Wednesday woozles heading to DK4it really is that important18:38
24499223551100.52Overnight News Digest - Featuring One of Our OwnOke23:55
254611941662430.54Internet Killed the Video Storecitisven21:02
264410347721860.54To pun or not to punBFSkinner22:53
274423844641290.52Bookflurries: Bookchat: What Makes Science Fiction So Much Fun?cfk20:05
28443414491070.47Action: Rescind Wounded Knee Medals of Dis HonorWinter Rabbit18:27
29414116502050.45Omar Suleiman's Involvement in the Gaza Freedom FlotillaInAntalya09:30
30402918471100.43Reid says cut $20 billion in budget-busting oil subsidiesskywriter18:39
31401717501910.44Gabby Giffords able to talk!Christian Dem in NC15:19
3239892141640.41High Impact Diaries: February 8, 2011jotter10:47
33393316421460.41pix@sallycats & musings on DK4boatsie00:01
34364123501500.41Wikileaks: Not Enough Saudi Oil to Keep Prices Down (and why the GOP is OK with that)Steven D08:48
35361812412370.39Texas Republican Fox Caught In The Hen House!Back To Basics12:50
3633511840840.36Visual step-by-step guide to DK4 - Part VAngie in WA State18:39
3732191534740.34"My" Egyptannetteboardman02:35
383285341130.34"It's the 1 thing I want to do. I want to serve this country."Eclectablog12:09
3931291237970.34Top Comments: Post and Run Editionsardonyx21:59
4031471435720.33New Poll Finds Delaware Supports Marriage EqualityDelaware Right to Marry12:47
4130883548810.37What are you reading? Feb 9, 2011plf51505:53
42304418431250.35Republicans are Raising Taxes on Low Wage EarnersMuskegon Critic14:13
4329101033940.31The Curious Case of Fred UptonErich Pica17:35
44287640602660.40Get Sharia Law out of our math classrooms !Mustellus07:46
452813830880.30Ghonim addresses thousands in Tahrir Square (subtitled)Scarce14:28
46275426421540.33Conservatives' Dirty Little Secret: Texas Budget Woeschange the Be12:09
47273521431710.33US corn stockpiles fall 60% year over yearshrike16:11
48275529960.28Gabby Gifford's Great StaffLenL16:04
49266534491420.34The Catholic Church is why I am a Liberalmcgoverngreatpatriot03:51
50262119362560.30The Most Dangerous Man in America?Rube Goldberg20:26
5125331228380.27Gulf Watchers Wednesday - Deadbeat BP Owes Subcontractors Millions - BP Catastrophe AUV #471peraspera06:00
5224281735830.28Big-Profits Health Insurers to America in New Lobbying Push: Drop Dead!james32100:04
53241812311480.27How to lose your retirement money helping destroy the US economycitizen k15:33
54236123381320.29Republicans Create JOBS!Julie Gulden14:34
55232113281070.25Humor From Tahrir SquarePtah the Great20:03
56238726650.25Follow the MoneyJennifer Brunner22:46
57227525570.24Separate But Equal Is Neither: A Taxing StoryRBHSOregon13:28
5821151127750.23The Declaration of Independence of CyberspaceAdam B11:14
592113724920.23Solar Street Performance Vehiclegmoke19:42
602014922320.21Life Implicates Artarlenegoldbard11:44
611913644541750.33On the Christian persecution complextytalus11:47
6219641826950.22The Rachel Maddow Show - Feb. 9, 2011CityLightsLover22:07
63197722730.20The Google Search for Wael GhonimClay Claiborne17:46
6418861430940.22Clarence Thomas should recuse himself from Affordable Care Act DecisionsVyan15:54
651814823710.20Wikileaks: No Evidence of Collusion with Pte. Manningtwigg18:08
661713739522190.31Why Isn't Obama Going After Thomas Like Nixon Went After Fortas?LunkHead14:06
67172013271390.21UPDATED: Why Do These 67 Dems Keep Voting with Mike Pence (R-IN) and GOP on Patriot Act?Ralph Lopez19:33
681716618510.18The Practical Limitations of Government or Dance Like It Is 1975CherryTheTart08:48
691714619520.18The Weatherdude Weekly -- 3rd Ed.weatherdude18:06
70166425351190.23Cutting Fuel Assistance?! In this climate!?!?!Tom Taaffe22:47
711617618650.17DK4 Beta Closing Ceremonies: Updates, Contests, and Prizes!Gabriel D06:29
7215841826750.19Egyptian VP Suleiman, torturer who US and Israel support as "Change with Stability"  CIndyCasella14:33
73153318430.16COXEY'S ARMY PART FIVEKAMuston05:10
7414229211110.17Reminder: We have PROOF: Rumsfeld & GOP Intentionally LIED USA into War 4 Oilkeepemhonest13:15
75145416590.15Three Jobs or No Job -- Still StrugglingLaura at Working America16:25
7613473743840.25What is the state of the Democratic Party in your state?cape cod dem15:04
771210937412960.24Obama's Carter MomentAgent Orange12:22
781012075793870.42I Have A Personal Questionwebranding10:30
79929353571850.31I am a liberal and a Christian [UPDATE 5/REWRITTEN]bluefaction07:10
8085730341900.19CNN's Counterintuitive New GOP Primary PollYeggo10:19
8183424291830.17"Be careful how you express yourself."HoratioGalt22:16
8255733362110.19Jerusalem's Temple Mount UFOjohn de herrera13:10
83432462642200.33Egypt Liveblog: Sub-Diary #81unspeakable00:25
84327760622180.32Egypt Liveblog: Sub-Diary #82dmac11:24
85229754561810.29Egypt Liveblog: Sub-Diary #83kimoconnor20:23

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Bonus Feature: One Year Ago In Daily Kos

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18144552059088.68Rachel Maddow Show: "This Is What It Was Like"Vita Brevis10:55
2610222986306.37Our Ojibwa Angel / Good Samaritan and his Snow Plow likely saved many lives last night.ferallike23:35
36033501546916.48BREAKING: Democrats endorse single payer! [updated]rossl19:48
45285642547176.02Obama to Boehner: You Want to Kill All My Initiatives [Substantive Update]MeMeMeMeMe14:23
54634461905775.11Breaking: Lt. Dan Choi called back to ACTIVE DUTYcalchala13:13
64322631265064.68Rep. Alan Grayson is back at itAngie in WA State02:20
7323196923813.50NYT soils itself, AGAIN!pollwatcher08:53
8310116883533.33On Losing in New OrleansMelissa Harris Lacewell13:54
92823631193483.10Trouble for Dems when voters get priced gouged on their premium renewalsnyceve21:13
10277248993162.97Dems: Our Votes or Their Money?buhdydharma14:29

Double Bonus Election Year Bonanza Feature: One Election Cycle Ago in Daily Kos

2009-02-08 00:00:50 - 2009-02-08 23:56:51
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111371161380136012.39Wanted: Reality-based Daily KosDragon561619:14
25546882236776.08Frank Rich: The Surging Populist RageTX Unmuzzled10:34
35483091456335.91Khatami is In--This is a Clear SignalFrankCornish21:40
45194761805975.59How does anyone make it on $263 million a year?One Pissed Off Liberal18:12
54922581415345.21A Message from History: Democrats, Attack!Unitary Moonbat21:03
64342211144994.67The Closer is at it againicebergslim10:08
74329363056715.20Don't Do it, Obama. Please [UPDATED]david mizner15:22
84106342155354.60Things I've Learned on Daily Kos over the Past WeekFleetAdmiralJ17:54
9385140684094.05"Change You Can Download" - Wikileaks Releases 6,780 CRS Reports. [UPDATED 3x]the national gadfly03:45
103013561874223.47How to get excellent and lower cost dental carenyceve15:32

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