I can't carry a tune in the proverbial bucket. I can do a bit better than plunking out Chopsticks or a two fingered version of Heart and Soul on the piano - just a tiny bit better. But I love many different kinds of music, and contend that an appreciative audience is a necessary ingredient for good musicianship to flourish. The creation of this group is my attempt to provide such an appreciative audience, but I need your help.

First, I need some music to feature in this group. Rock, country, classical, folk, gospel, oldies, you name it. That means "content providers" - posters who will commit to sharing diaries featuring their expertise, their finds of new or overlooked performers, and all other things related to good music and musical performance. We might even sneak in a politcal twist or two, as funding and support for the musical arts is always under threat, and never more so than today.

Please let me know if this concept appeals to you. I offer up the "organization" part, but for this to get off the ground I need diarists with a love for music and the willingness to share. And of course, we also need an appreciative audience.

Message me on this new-fangled DK4 message system (which may, or may not, be working), or using the e-mail in my profile, or best of all - just leave a comment in this diary!

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