Made a trip to Ohio on Thursday to support the protest at the statehouse of Senate Bill 5. (I'm originally from Ohio) If passed, collective bargaining by unions could come to an end.

I've heard various reports on the numbers in attendance - from 1,000 to 5,000 - and while I'm not certain, I would guess somewhere near the 5k mark is about right. There was also a very small group of Tea Partiers there to support the union-busting bill, again a guess, but I'd estimate 100 or less of them. Inside and outside the statehouse was just wall-to-wall people, all demonstrating peacefully, but it sure was loud inside the rotunda!

My own camera was a casualty during the trip, but I did find this video that gives you an idea of the size of the crowd inside the statehouse right outside the doors where legislators will decide the fate of S.B. 5. Wish I had more to share with you, as after scanning the news I'm quite disappointed to see surprisingly little media coverage given to Ohio's protest.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich's disregard for the working class people of his state is only matched by his contempt for the laws of the land that he thinks don't apply to him.

In the following YouTube video, Kasich asks the group "Have you ever been stopped by a police officer who was an idiot?" Kasich tells a crowd that an "idiot" police officer pulled him over while he drove on State Route 315. He goes on to call the officer an "idiot" twice more during his speech. He then goes on to demean the reason he was pulled over, failing to yield for an emergency vehicle. Kasich was issued a citation during the 2008 encounter.

Now that the video has hit Youtube years after-the-fact, Gov. Kasich decided  perhaps he should apologize.

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The Ohio protest - along with Wis.- made CNN today!


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