I've checked CNN, MSNBC, and ABCNews online and nobody is leading with the story of what is going on in WI right now.  ABCNews has a headline about the Tea Party getting into the fray...and a short video news clip leads with the female reported saying, "This is about who suffers most when states run out of money."  WTF?  What is going on with the media?  Again.

No analysis, no talking about what's in the bill and what the protesters are actually protesting against.  No story on who's financing the Tea Party buses or where they are coming from....and the story exaggerates the number of Tea Party activists who will be arriving!!!!  Has the corporate media become so corrupted that they are transparent shills for their corporate bosses now?  And the young reporters are so stupid that they cannot even grasp what's going on....If this isn't the BIG story of the day, I don't know what is!!!

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