You are in the the 122nd Child Diary of the Liveblog of the 2011 uprisings throughout North Africa and the Middle East. We stand with our international friends and their courageous struggle for dignity, self-determination and human rights.

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In Libya (Al Jazeera live blog here), Gaddafi still insists he'll stay. The UN Security Council has condemned the regime's violent measures that have left as many as a thousand dead, after earlier condemnations by the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

In Algeria, the government says it's ready to lift that country's 19-year state of emergency.

In Yemen, government supporters have opened fire on student protesters and killed two. {NEW} (h/t Nulwee)

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Robert Dreyfuss in The Nation: Will the Arab Revolt Challenge Big Oil ?
International Trade Union Confederation: Middle East/Maghreb: End the repression


5 die in Morocco protests
Moroccan king holds firm after call for less power

"People in the U.S. and Europe always say Morocco is free. But if you look here, it isn't true. We want real elections where the people get to choose what they want," said Nabil, a 24-year-old protester and supporter of Justice & Charity, who declined to give his surname. He said he feared reprisal.
Morocco Joins In, Defying Predictions


Algeria to end 19-year state of emergency
Algeria's Government Braces for Revolt — Coming Down Hard on Demonstrators


Robert Fisk in Manama: Bahrain – an uprising on the verge of revolution


‘Guelleh step down and Somalia remove your police’ – opposition statement

Saudi Arabia

Human Rights Watch: Saudi Arabia: Political Prisoners Released, New Ones Arrested


Students killed at Yemen rally {NEW}
Five injured as Yemen protest movement gains momentum


Nathan J. Brown, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Palestinians: The Unsustainable May No Longer be Sustainable

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Our Egyptian brethren articulated what people around the region are fighting for, though variations to the theme may exist from country to country. banner held by protesters and translated to English:

1 The departure of Mubarak
2 An end to the current Parliament
3 An end of the state of emergency
4 The creation of a national united government
5 A parliament elected by the people to modify the constitution and run the presidential elections
6 Put those responsible for the killings on trial
7 Put those responsible for stealing the country's money and other acts of corruption on trial


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Al Jazeera English - Watch Live (the Youtube link below should work for Mac users unable to load this.)

Al Jazeera live also available on
Dish Network channel 9410
DirecTV: Channel 375 Link

Al Jazeera Live on YouTube
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BBC Reports
BBC Middle East is doing specific Egypt coverage

WorldWideTahrir{NEW} : Worldwide protests being organized to coincide with the upcoming ones in Egypt.
bicycle Hussein paladin - Why Iran 1979 Went to the Islamists and This One Won't
weasel - Updates on the Egyptian Protests

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