Wonderful News!  The great Keith Olbermann drought is about to end.

Keith Olbermann announced on Tuesday, that he is launching a new website, the "FOK News Channel."
FOK" stands for "Friends Of Keith," a term Olbermann came up with after his abrupt departure from MSNBC in January

Olbermann announcement

On the high probability that Keith is a regular reader of DK4, I congratulate him on coining such a clever name for his news site, and wish him well in his new venture.

I can just imagine the twinkle in his eye as he announces the name of his news organization.  
May he always be a gadfly to the cable news network that sounds like FOK.

I have missed Keith and look forward to many more special comments to come.

May Keith hit it out of the park, especially now that he can play the game by his own rules.

Update:  It is foking amazing to be on the rec list!

Here is the official Twitter page Fok News Logo

compare to...


Here is a second article that gives a bit more detail but still no specifics about when we can get our next Keith fix.
 Olbermann slams Fox

Here is a mysterious tweet from Keith

Here is the Fok Twitter Page

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