"The person who claims Anonymous is a danger to the population, is scared of losing his own power. What we really are, is something entirely different. We are all people who are fighting for freedom and against the manipulation of information. All the people who stand up for freedom of expression and the free access to information. All the people who see a better future. All the people who want to preserve the spirit of freedom and of expression. Behind our masks lies more than flesh. Behind our masks is an idea. And ideas can not be stopped! We have no leaders, supervisors, prophets or gurus. Anonymous is an idea, a collective of thoughts that fighting against the censorship of information. Since we have no leaders, you can not beat us down. To all the power-hungry people of this world. You can do nothing against us as we act within the meaning of many compared to you all who acting against the law."


"We will fight for the free flow of information. For the good of mankind. For the good of human rights. Knowledge is freedom. Citizens should not fear their government, the government should fear the Citizens. We Anonymous will work till the last breath, for freedom of information and for a better world. We are unstoppable, because we are many. What can they do against the power of the collective. We are the voice of all freedom-loving people. We are not on a religious or social class. We are professors, workers, students, doctors, politicians, your neighbour, your son, your daughter and so on . We are a colorful mixture of all social classes. You may not fear us as individuals, but when we hold together we get immeasurable power. Through this force it will be possible for us to do incredible things like lead our world to a better future. Around the globe, people are awake and have noticed that some people and or polticians abuse their power. The time has come in, the tide must turn. People of this world. No matter what nationality or religion, you are. Raise your voice against a corrupt system that is designed only to control us."

Rock on


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